Aaron James Karr is an up and coming independent award winning professional recording artist. Aaron’s music career was quite busy in 2002 when he won the Utah American Idol preliminary, and although he was too young to audition for Paula, Randy, and Simon the doors opened for the makings of his professional career. His demo CD was released from A-list records entitled, “Red, White, & Blue,” He launched his first single “Look Into My Eyes,” and he completed his first national Radio Disney tour. Today Aaron is preparing for his new single “When the World Ends” to be released worldwide on digital copy on Friday, October 3 2014. This new release is supposed to be one of the greatest songs to come from Aaron’s personal studio with its funky pop/islander feel not to mention that it features one of the highest notes Aaron has ever sung in a song, possibly even one of the highest notes a guy has ever done.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? Where are you from? How long have you been writing and performing? Who are your biggest musical influences?

Aaron James Karr: Well, I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah and I’ve loved music all of my life, its what I do! At age 3 I got my first karaoke machine and was a die-hard country guy but as I got older I became a huge fan of Michael Jackson and so my pop music journey began! Today, I enjoy listening to Justin Timberlake, One Republic, Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars and of course Michael Jackson.

I’ve been writing music since I was 13 years old. My first single “Look Into My Eyes” was the first song I ever wrote along with the second track on the single “Don’t Gotta”, and ever since then I’ve been involved in the writing process of my music. Singing the songs I write help me so much to connect with the audience and with the emotion that needs to be immersed in the song.

When it comes to performing, I’ve been performing for many years. I was a child actor being in milk commercials for Smiths to singing and dancing for school theatre productions. But I really took the singing seriously when 9/11 happened. For that reason I released “Red, White and Blue” and my singing career began!

ET: What was the experience of winning Utah’s American Idol preliminary in 2002 like? What about the tour you recently completed with Radio Disney?

AJK: 2002 was such an exciting year for my career! To start that was literally the beginning of my singing career. I entered the American Idol contest to launch my debut EP “Red White & Blue” and to get exposure for my passion for music.

That was the first year of American Idol and they were still trying to figure out how everything in the show would work. Unfortunately after beating 300+ singers out of the Utah competition I soon found out I was too young to continue on to Paula, Randy and Simon. But as a bonus to my efforts I was granted personal interviews with over 20 different labels in LA and in New York.

From those meetings that’s how I came in contact with Disney. I toured twice with them, once when I was 13 yrs. old and the second time when I was 16 yrs. old. Both were so much fun and I gained so much love for performing live.

ET: What life experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your upcoming single ‘When The World Ends’? How do you plan to market your new music?

AJK: When the world Ends was written about a guy and girl who are actually our friends that came to fall in love after growing a good trustworthy friendship with each other. Heres the funny part though the guy always new he was madly in love with the girl but the girl was always looking around to find the man for her when in reality, he was always right there.
So its a love song!! haha But I wanted to add an element of relating national disasters to how love develops and is, in a relationship. Plus who doesn’t think about the apocalypse?! LOL

We plan to market this one with digital distribution with iTunes, Cdbaby and many other distributors. However with this release we have a surprise that we will announce early next month! So stay tuned!

ET: What can you tell us about your previous releases (your debut EP “Red, White, & Blue”, your sophomore EP “Save Me”, and your singles ‘The One’, ‘Look Into My Eyes’, ‘Without You’, ‘One Song’, and ‘Where You Are’)? Could you give us some insight into the significance or meaning behind each track or project?

AJK: “Red White & Blue” was released in 2002 and I did that EP because of what happened on 9/11. I wanted 100% of the proceeds of that album to go to children affected by terrorism, and it did.

The “Look into My Eyes” single had two songs on it, the other song was called “Don’t Gotta” and they were songs from my teenage years that expressed the life of love at my age and also the challenges of your peers telling you to be something you’re not.

After my single Look into My Eyes I decided to take a break from music for 2 years to serve as a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the LDS Church. I believe in God and I felt that I needed to show that by serving him. I was able to share my talent of music with the people of Brazil and it’s been so amazing to see my fan base grow out there. When I returned home there came a load of singles all of which were produced in my own studio and in a studio called, the Record Lab in Provo, Utah.

In 2009 I released “One Song” and “Where You Are”. “One song” talked about the dream if everyone worked together for one cause and that is world peace. “Where You Are” was a song I wrote for my mother that spoke of the challenge of being away from her, and her not being able to see me rise to my true potential but that one day she would be able to see the man I’ve become.

Then came the song “Without You” a song written about the love of my life Rachel and the challenge I face being away from her, and how I never want to live a day without her. Then the biggest thing to happen to my career since 2002 was my EP release of “SAVE ME” this album stood as the first stepping-stone toward the direction I’d like to go as an artist. It was also the album that made the most money since “Red, White & Blue” and “Look Into My Eyes”

I was able to tour nationally as an independent artist for 1 year for this album and its been so rewarding to see my fan base grow as much as it did in such a short period of time. It’s a sign to me that I’m heading in the right direction!

Now as I prepare to release my new single “When the World Ends” on Friday, October 3rd. (which is also my birthday!) I only hope and pray it meets the standard of my “Save Me” album. I really do believe it will. This song talks about love and how you want to be the one next to that special someone when the world ends! But the best part of this song is it expresses this story with a funky pop/islander kinda feel and it really makes it so much fun! It’s a little bit of the Brazilian coming out of me I think haha I mean gosh I spent two years there I was bound to walk away with something!


ET: What was involved behind the scenes in the making of each of your music videos (‘Without You’, ‘Look Into My Eyes’, ‘The One’, and ‘Prisoners In Chains’)?

AJK: My music videos have been so awesome to do. They all tell some type of story that happened to me that inspired me to write the song in the first place.

When trying to find people to cast some have been friends but the majority of people in my music videos were people that auditioned for the part and got it.

We plan on releasing more videos soon but we are also waiting to see what YouTube will do with this new subscription service that they plan to move forward with before we spend thousands of dollars producing a video that may only be seen for a few months or weeks who knows!

However even with that happening I’m still writing and producing and preparing my next releases.


Connect With Aaron James Karr:
Website: www.aaronjameskarr.com
twitter: at aaronKarr
facebook: www.facebook.com/aaronjameskarr
youtube: www.youtube.com/aaronjameskarrmusic
insta: aaronjameskarr

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