Alexi Armandsen born in France and living in the UK / London is a singer/producer and deejay in that order, he worked the past years on several projects as executive producer with Rickey Rainbow (R-kelly, Kci and Jojo and many more artists. but unfortunately some of the projects never been released, Alexi is back now solo and with new material for 2014, in preparation of his tour in Europe and World Wide to perform as Singer & Deejay. Enjoy our interview with Alexi below!

ET: How did you get your start singing/producing? How did that spark your interest ing DJing?

Alexi Armandsen: At the beginining my focus was only on singing. Despite my whole entourage was into mixing, then one day another friend vocalist proposed me to create a show with both of us singing and mixing, that coud have been a nice show to presents…i did star the process a week later and after more than 18 month, he still hanvent started on his side today, but i told him, i won’t wait after him to start until i was ready and work solo. For the producing part it’s a but the same story, i had my teams of producers/beatmakers, always is good at the beginning until one after one they ask you this or that and go beyound the lines. Then you realise that it’s better to work alone or under contract. Frienship and work have to be separated thats my personnal point of vue . All those problems lead me to learn and be independant thanks to them.

ET: When DJing, what would you say is your main genre of focus? Do you like to create original work, then remix them with existing songs, etc?

AA: When Djing it’s all about the mood and message you wanna communicate. and according the theme of the party.  if it’s dance, rnb or rap. every crowd is differents and have differents expectations. Give them what their ears wants and also give them some good stuff that you want them to listen.

How have the nightlife/club scenes in France and the UK influenced your work? How do the two countries differ?

AA: UK and France are 2 differents scenes. UK is know for his Garage, Jungle, Soulfoul house, UK MUSIC is really genuine for me, no one else do UK music expect UK music….France with its electronics music is unique but still got a lot of influence from USA other south americans countries. But once again it’s still my opinion and vision of the scenes.

ET: You’ve worked in the past with producer, Ricky Rainbow, who has worked with artists like Kci & JoJo and R Kelly and many more. 

What was this experience like, and what did you get out of it?

AA: We work together on a big project that never could be finish unfortunately, but when you work with a nominated producer for an ALbum of the year in the UK. You listen carefuly and try to do and show your best. Cause this is then the big league. I could then discover  new part of the music world. We had meeting with UK BMI PRESIDENT himself  for instance. who is an infuential person and many others were met. but knowing someone doesnt mean that things gonna happend.

ET: What can fans expect from your new solo material set to release this year?

AA: Some material are made for live show only and will be only available on live recording version, and others singles will be available to promote my shows. i will still needs some classic promo work of course but my live is not something you’ll see a lot, so i will be able to be seen in the DJ league as a vocalist/deejay versus others that are only deejays. With the hughe amount of deejays now in the market, if you want to be seen, bring something different and give that little xtra for it, and i believe has got that little xtra. plus i have my sponsor  “Pierre-Louis Lessage Champagne” so if someone sponsors you, it means they believe in you.

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