Alive Way is a 6 piece Pop/Rock band from Lithuania. They have been awarded for best vocals and best guitar solo in their hometown, and have released 5 full digital albums. Known for their hit songs Amazed by You, Slipped Away & Hello, Alive Way is on a journey to the top with their strong musical presence. We asked them about the formation of the band, what the music scene in Lithuania is like, and what exactly is their favorite song off their album.

Entertwine: How did Alive Way form, how many members make up the band, and which instruments do you all play?

Forming Alive Way was a long journey. I’ve started this band when I was still at School, and members were changing constantly. Right now Alive Way consists of 6 members. Me (Justinas) – Lead singer/Rhythm guitar/Songwriter, Povilas – Lead guitar, Christine – Vocals/Back Vocals, Julius – Bass guitar, Andrius – Drums, Martynas – Keyboards.

What kind of music would you say Alive Way is known for?

Alive Way is considered to be Pop/Rock band, although we have hard rock songs too, and very pop ones.

You guys have 5 full albums that you have recorded. How would you say your first albums differs from your most recent?

Our first albums was just a start, it was first songs that I have ever written and it has a lot of Youth. And the last album is actually a compilation of our best songs which received most radio airplay and was requested most times.

How has growing up in Lithuania influenced your band’s style and or notoriety in the music scene?

Growing up in Lithuania was hell to be honest. We had little to no support rising up, we were hated, because for some reason Rock music was not popular among Lithuania people. We had a lot of haters. Still, we played our music as we see it, not as like others wanted us to, because we put all our feelings to these songs, and nobodey can tell you what you can feel or what you can not.

Which song off of your latest album would you say is the band’s favorite to perform live, and why?

Favorite song to perform live I guess it would be Summer Came Along. It has hard rock mix with Pop music and I guess we could sayt that it is very bittersweet, but fun and upbeat. We can shout it out loud from our hearts.

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