Raised in the sweet Virginia breeze, Amber Yholeata is a bright, spunky, Pop artist working her way into the spotlight. Some of Amber’s influences range from Cindy Lauper & Michael Jackson to Sia & James Taylor, creating a unique combination for creativity. Her Musical style is eclectic mix of Pop, Rock and EDM meshed with classic storytelling. Ambers work is currently featured on and We caught up with Amber in the interview below and got to know her and her music a bit better.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background?

Amber Y: I grew up listening to a lot of the music my mom liked, story tellers like James Taylor, John Denver, Billy Joel, and Barry Manilow. She’s also where I got a lot of my pop influence from. She listened to a lot of 80s dance and soft rock ballads. I got into bands where I learned about funk & rock music.

What can you tell us about the music scene of Richmond, Virginia? What is it like living in Richmond?

There’s definitely talent here & a lot of diversity amongst bands/artist. The indie rock scene is pretty heavy. I believe the sound is influenced by the regions we border. We sort of have the best of both worlds having a hub like D.C pretty close, and at the other end of the spectrum the southern nuances you hear in much of the music.

Living here is Awesome! The city is very supportive of the arts as a whole, which I can appreciate as an artist! RVA is home to some of THE best diners (I’m a foodie, I would know!) & is rich in history! All in all a very festive place to live. It really has a culture all its own.

What life experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your upcoming single ‘Party At My House’? How does this new single expand on or differ from your previous releases (the single ‘So What’ and the EP “Forever”)

I had a crush on this guy in middle school & on the outside, whenever we spoke, I was uber chill. On the inside I was screaming my head off, I LOVE YOU! I reflected that in the verses by singing them sort of monotone & then switching the dynamics of the chorus to make the vocals really bright & punchy. With the Forever E.P there were more r&b influences as opposed to the pop lane this project is in. The subject of “Party” is a bit more lighthearted than “So What” but, they are both from The Brightside e.p so I wanted there to be continuity between them.

What went into the filming of the music video for ‘So What’?

My creative director came up with a concept & from there we brainstormed & ate & brainstormed. We found a great videographer/director that pulled all of our ideas together & really articulated our vision. Thanks to the family and friends and the help of the extras we created a visual that really represents the song!

Could you share a few of your most exciting live performances with our readers? 

Every show is a little different. . . You never know what you’re gonna get with live audiences!   Sometimes people in the crowd can come in with whatever kind of day they have had and 2 songs into the set, there’s a shift in their energy and body language, they open up more. They’re a completely different person! The ones where people get so caught up in the music that they start to believe that they are part of the band, or they decide to become backup dancers and rush the stage are the BEST ones! I encourage it!

Do you have any performances scheduled for late 2014 or early 2015?

I’m finishing out 2014 with private engagements. There are definite plans to go out on a promotional tour in the spring! We’re still in the planning stages presently. My team & I want the show to be unlike anything I’ve done! Tour dates will be announced via Fans can be the 1st   to know just by signing up for the newsletter!


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