Digital is better. But analogue is truer. And leaves more room for elegance. Amorph is the proof.“ The words of the Basel music expert Doctor Fisch apply to the concept of Amorph’s music. The concept which combines an atmospheric interaction between synthesiser with zealous guitar sounds, and the sudden collision of erupting beats and rattling basses. With attention to manually played music and without a flood of digital support.


Entertwine: Olivier, your are CEO of Wunschkind Kultur, the Swiss Label that produced and released AMORPH’s EP “Dreiundzwanzig” in late 2014. What was it like working with Samuel Emde?

I myself haven’t had any part in producing the Album. Wunschkind only is the Label “Dreiundzwanzig” was released on. It was Samuel Emde and Jonas Weber at HKB that produced the EP, together with the whole band of course. In my opinion Samuel is somehow the leading musical brain of the five and has a very clear idea where he wants to go. He is a perfectionist. I hold him in very high regard both professionally and personally.

Who did you work with to create the band’s logo and imagery? Who created the artwork for the new album?

Noé Herrmann did both, the Logo and the Album-Art of both EPs “Dreiundzwanziz” and “Uhrwerk”. He is a great friend of the band and Wunschkind Kultur and a great Artist.

What went into the making of the video for your song ‘Dreiundzwanzig II’?
It was recorded at the real ep-release concert. This means it was a live spectacle and somehow of a big risk to take as it really was the first the band ever performed the ep live in front of a real audience. we were very lucky to get “When Saints Go Machine” as well as “Birdmask” as a Warm-Up-Acts. Nico Schmid and his team of “Reverse-Studios” did an amazing job of recording and editing the whole concert. (Video-Link to the whole Live-Concert “Dreiundzwanzig”:

“Dreiundzwanzig II is somehow a single but still part of the Track / EP “Dreiundzwanzig”. What went into the making of the video for the song ‘Dreiundzwanzig II’ 

The band was approached by Daphne Debrunner, an fan and art-major that then did all the drawings and animation
Video-Link to the single “Dreiundzwanzig II”:

What activities and hobbies do the band members enjoy outside of music in their spare time?

First and foremost Samuel, Florian, Alain, Manuel and Philipp have been friends for over a decade. All of them are very sporty. Alain is plays soccer, Philipp and Samuel play handball. Florian is the traveler of the group.

What is life like in Basel, Switzerland? Can you tell us about the music scene of your hometown?

There is no post-rock-scene in Basel but a big for a city with only 300.000 ppl there is a lot of talent and a lot of opportunity to be heard.

Could you tell us about a few of the most exciting and interesting live performances that the band has been a part of?

The band featured their first ep “Uhrwerk” in 2013 on the big stage of Jugendkulturfestival Basel (JKF) in 2013. The biggest and most exiting live-performance was at the “hinterhof bar” at the release-concert of “Dreiundzwanzig” in late 2014.

What does the remainder of 2015 hold in store for Amorph? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

The Band will play and a few mostly locally based festivals this summer but will focus on Europe soon. They work on a Single that will Feature another artist. Make sure to check out these links to not miss any updates:  check out and for more info!

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