An Electronic Hero is the pseudonym for Federico Foria and Mariax (the voice of sun) is the pseudonym for Mariassunta Cavaliere.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What led to the formation of this particular project? What is the significance of your moniker?

Going back to my past memories I’m not able to find a single moment in which music was not there. I started studying keyboard when I was 5, then at 11 I added piano lessons. After some years I decided to stop, not because I didn’t like it anymore, but because I felt that a musician has to become one thing with his instrument… For this reason I think that theory is important but music must feed our soul and not just our mind. I switched to electronic music and I joined different bands, especially the progressive rock ones. It’s a very complicated genre, but quite accessible if you have a strong background. Through the years all these experiences have helped me to improve both connection and feelings with my own instruments and the music I write and play. In every project I was involved I was the ‘motherbrain’ of the songwriting process, from melodies to harmony and arrangements, but I never found on the other side persons who put all theirselves in the music as I did. This sort of disease pushed me to create a solo project, and “An Electronic Hero”, with its debut EP “An Electronic Sphere”, is the climax of this path.

“An Electronic Hero” is my personal view of music and life. I like to consider music as a sphere where we can hold our feelings, especially the darkest ones that bother us everyday. Who plays becomes a hero, because he can save himself from his torments and possibly has the power to ‘infect’ everyone is near him or simply listens to his music. This is my aim. ‘Electronic’ because we are living the electronic age, both in good and bad terms and not without a sense of irony. Back in the days we used to play with bricks and dolls touching them with our hands, or we read paper books, but now it’s different, we download apps for playing and we read books on tablets. Real feelings are only for nostalgics, and if you are not electronic, you are not part of this world.

Who are your biggest musical influences? Why do these particular artists, acts, producers, writers, and / or composers inspire you to create?

As I told you before, part of my background comes from the progressive rock scene, in particular the wave of the Seventies and Eighties. In fact, in “An Electronic Sphere”, there is a track that is a tribute to “In the Court of the Crimson King”, the 1969 album from King Crimson, one of the pioneers of prog-rock style. Another strong influence is represented by videogame soundtracks, I really love them and I spent many years studying the biggest composers in order to learn their technique and sound. If I have to do some names, in general, artists like Jon Lord, Beethoven and Koji Kondo are my source of inspiration.

Everything I listen to is able to influence me, trying to catch the best to strengthen my musical knowledge. It’s the only vision acceptable because, in such a broad scenario of electronic music, you need to recognize a skilled musician (or at least a true artist) from ‘impostors’ all software and zero soul who just release what people wants for easy money. Doing music means feeding the soul and making people feel good, not selling a product and trying to be a star. Music is not a job but a mission to pursue.

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your self-titled EP? Could you walk us through each of the featured tracks?

“An Electronic Sphere” represents everything I wanted to do but I never tried to. It was a fast process considering the average times of realization for an EP, but without compromises and rich of passion and heart. I feel it completely mine and, having said that, I said all.

The opening track is “Little Planet”, the perfect #1 song for the persistent rhythm and the melodic rift that remind the listeners that this is not a house disc, but a music that wants to give you something. A really animated song.

The second track is “Asteroid”, the typical song that you love more after every listening. The intro is jazz-based, and it’s followed by pure electronic fragments and a central part inspired by videogame techno music from the Eighties scene. Who is not inside the electronic music should like this song for the organic miscellany based on apparently different musical types.

Then we have “Oxygen”, considered pure EDM by some magazine, alongside “Sun” (track #4). I think it’s due to the strong electronic sound and rhythm section. It has a well-defined concept: the sound is often interrupted and suspended for simulating the lack of oxygen. In simple words, “Oxygen” is the march and the essence of life itself.

“Sun” is the only track featuring a singer, Mariax (Mariassunta Cavaliere). There couldn’t be a better voice than hers. The sound weighs down compared to the rest of the EP, and many ‘experts’ could affirm that it’s a move to the electro-house, but this is not the case because I was able to insert a huge variety of instrumental and melodic contrasts.

The last track is “Moon”, a personal tribute to my progressive rock background. It’s not a conventional song but a break to reflect upon everything listened until that moment and, meanwhile, also a corridor that brings us to something new. After some minutes you have the feeling that the whole experience is over but step-by-step the finale will offer new emotive moments like a poem.

1511190_589003521229767_3333157203639722513_n What instruments, programs, and musical equipment are used to create your unique sound? 

My ‘travel companion’ is a Korg Triton Extreme, used by Dream Theater in their most famous and celebrated albums. I don’t use external samplings or MIDIs, because my attitude is recording everything I play. Each note is the result of my musical vision, not a product of third parties. In my opinion it’s the only way to feel the passion and the emotion of what you are playing. We are not DJs or producers, but musicians.
How will you open 2015? What does the new year hold in store for An Electronic Sphere?

2015 will see many great news for the “An Electronic Sphere” EP and the “An Electronic Hero” project, starting with the release of the “Sun” videoclip created by Michele Falleri. I’m sure the final video will be fantastic and I’m truly confident about Michele’s contribution.

Furthermore I’m working hard with the staff that is supporting me in the social media operations for some interesting activities. “An Electronic Hero” is growing day-by-day and this is just the beginning! Follow us and don’t miss all our future updates!

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Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/an-electronic-hero

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