Born in Hungary, but based in Sweden, Arpad B. is a hip-hop artist with a fondness for tight beats and a sharp lyrical flow. His lyricism is personal and honest: his raps are inspired by his unique life experiences, including growing up throughout the world, in countries as diverse as Hungary, the States and Sweden. We had the chance to interview Arpad and get to know his musical background a bit better, as well as ask him a few questions about his new material and start-up label.

ET: Could you tell us a bit about your background? What inspired you to begin writing and rapping?

AB: I fell in love with Hip-Hop the very first time I heard it as a little kid. Through the years I would listen to my favorite artists so much that I learned most of the their songs by heart, and that would eventually inspire me to think about making my own music when I was like 16 or 17. I wrote my first song then, but I was just playing around. I would record my first song a couple years later, but I didn’t really get into it seriously until about 5-6 years ago when I started making music on a regular basis and began performing. Since then, I have performed in Hungary, Romania and Sweden. I would draw inspiration from my life, things that happened with me or with people close to me, as well as the music I listened to. I was first known as D.B. before changing my artist name to Arpad B. because I wanted a completely unique alias.

ET: What was it like growing up in Hungary? You’ve lived in the United States and are currently living in Sweden, correct? What is the music scene of Karlstad, Sweden like?

AB: Yes, that’s correct. Growing up I lived first in Hungary, then in the U.S. and then Sweden. Moving around really opened up my eyes, all three countries had a huge cultural impact on me. Before moving to the States, all I knew was Hungary. Then after moving I saw the vast differences in nearly everything between my native country that was a less developed eastern european country and my new home that was a much richer western country on another continent. People think differently, act differently and have a different lifestyle. Sweden was again a new experience, but it kind of had certain things that were similar to both Hungary and the U.S. The music scene here in Karlstad, Sweden is quite lively for a smaller city, although there’s way more rock and electronic music, and I am actually the only one rapping in English, the other Hip-Hop acts make music in Swedish. Actually there aren’t many artists at all that rap in English in Sweden.

ET: What can you tell us about the two tracks you’ve released via Soundcloud (‘On My Mind’ and ‘How I Feel’)? What was it like working with Phami on both of these tracks? Have you released any mixtapes?

AB: Phami and I linked up through twitter actually, and as soon as we figured out we were both Hungarian, we got tight. He mixed and mastered both songs and it was really fun working with him because we developed a great chemistry really quickly. We will be making many more songs together in the future. I have released two mixtapes in the past, but they are not online anymore because earlier this year I decided to reinvent myself, stop cursing and start making music with a positive attitude. ‘On My Mind’ was the first song I released after this big change, and it is about how God impacted my life. ‘How I Feel’ is more about me & my thoughts and it has a music video as well. 

ET: What can you tell us about the EP you’re currently working on with Max Million Beatz (of Germany)?

AB: He and I go way back. I had gotten so many beats from him that I figured, why not make an entire EP produced by him ? It was nearly finished but then I decided to change my image so I started again from scratch. We are working on ‘Always Get My Own’ as we speak and trying to create something special with songs that have a broad subject matter, different mood from one another, yet fit together to make a whole. I would have to say it has a lot of story telling and inspirational songs. The first single will be released very soon. The EP could be out towards the end of this year, but it will probably slip into 2015, I don’t have a release date yet.

ET: What can you tell us about Luv Tha Dough Entertainment? What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Arpad B.? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled? 

AB: Luv Tha Dough Entertainment is basically a label that me and my friends are working on. We have some rappers and producers, but it’s more of a collective now. We are planning to form an official company in the coming years, when the time is right. As far as the rest of 2014 goes, I will be working on the EP and I am arranging a bigger event with help from a young people’s foundation where several different artists will perform from all over the county alongside myself. Also, there are some other events that I might perform at if I have enough music done to perform with.

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