This artist has an eclectic taste for all genres of music, yet he settles on hip-hop, it’s his passion. Arsenal e’ Vega, besides having a name that’ll automatically make you a tad intimidated, has an honest attitude when it comes to his music and expressing himself. We asked Arsenal a few questions about his music and his latest video for his single, “Rose Gold.”

Entertwine: Besides hip-hop, do you have any other musical genres you really respect?

Arsenal e’ Vega: Turthly hip hop is my nature but music is my passion I love them all I don’t even consider myself a rapper I’m a artist if you check my iTunes library you will find anything from imagine dragons to jayz I respect them all.

ET: Tell us about your latest video for your single, “Rose Gold?”

AV: Rose gold was a great video for me along with some great directors (Vcom) I wrote this song as intend to send a message to a few people but then later relaized I was talking to myself because through all the hate and doubt others would bring it would be me who would open the door for them so for the video I wanted to kill that side of me and so that’s what we did.

(Arsenal Vega – “Rose Gold”)

ET: When you write and produce your tracks, what is that process like?

AV: I’m probably one of the few rappers that isn’t major but treats every song as he is I don’t rush I don’t force and I review constantly I listen to every song in three phrase 1 as a credit 2 as a artist then 3 as a fan if I’m my own worst enemy nothing anyone can say about me would bother if I’m real with my self my art will live on for ever and if I love what I do my fans will remain fans.

ET: Lyrically, what do most of your tracks represent?

AV: Emotions will have to be what my tracks represent mostly I only write feel music everything I say on a record is my feelings towards the matter i rarely jump out of that lane.

ET: What is your main message you try to get out to your fans through your music?

AV: In a two words “be you.”

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