Aydrien Banks is an all american Christian Recording Artist, Actor, Director, Fitness Model, Entrepreneur formally known as Oneshot Bk Reppa! While using the name Oneshot Bk Reppa, he rose to fame and was managed by Busta Ryme’s manager. In late 2013 Oneshot Bk Reppa parted ways from “Busta Rymes manager” and Changed his name to Aydrien ‘ Banks. Now Aydrien’ Banks is back with a new name, new music, and a brand new message.

ET: When did you get your start in rap and hip hop? When did you know this was something that you really wanted pursue?

Aydrien’ Banks: I started raping and singing in high school. Life was extremely rough for me around that time period.  Initially I was a nice outgoing child but the school system has a way of breaking a child down. I wasn’t really excepted because of my race, and I was not preppy so I really didn’t really fit in in 9th grade.  I remember ninety percent of the students teasing me everyday all day. I remember getting into so many fights, that I came to school just to fight. Having so many people against me taught me how to stand alone, and be a strong young man. I would tell my parents about my trouble, but they didn’t listen or understand me. I guess they figured my life was perfect because I was going to a good school and not living in Brooklyn anymore. Ultimately, all I had was God and music to express myself so since I lived in a sad world, I escaped it by making party music. Years later my party music landed me a management deal with Busta Rymes manager and made me famous, so funny how life works!

ET: You’re a Christian Rap artist – a type of artist there aren’t many of, which is awesome for you! What kind of testimony do you have for your listeners? What drew you to spread the word of Jesus in your work?

AB: Well, Im kinda new at this, I have only been a christian artist for 1 year. It took me a while to change up my content and deliver it in an amazing way.  So after going through hell in High School, and going through so much problems in my personal life I was so damaged.  Music gave me a platform to vent and express myself the fame and attention feed the gap that I had in my heart from all the pain of the past.  The music was my escape it became like a drug, a way to live a completely different life. It was amazing doing tours around the country as an independent artist and everyone knew every word of every song.  I was a hurt kid finding joy in music and trying to move on and escape his hurt.  Music took me to a place I had never been before, I was in love with the attention. After I did a song with YMCMB lil Chuckee and Donnie Klang from MTV’s Making the band I had every record label trying to sign me.  I remember taking time off from school to go meet with A&R’s and going to fancy hotels for lunch meetings and everything.  I did everything on my own, I got their on my own. One day Busta Rymes manager took a liking to me and took me under his wing, we were about to ink a major record deal. The label wanted me to make tens more songs so I would have an album already done and ready to release. One day I took a break from the studio, to go to church as I normally did on sunday mornings.  I remember praying to God in my head in the car asking him should I sign this deal, is this what he really wanted me to do with my life.  When I got to church they did an alter call and I went to the alter for prayer. I never forget this lady who I didn’t know, turned to me and gave me the same answer I was asking God in the car. The lady said “God wants you to rap for him, use your talents for him.” God spoke though this woman and he gave me the same answer I was asking God just earlier in the car The lady didn’t know anything about me, so she couldn’t have known I make music so it had to be God. Ever since then I totally believe in the supernatural God has spoken to me in so many ways, that it would make your hair stand up.  When God tells you to do something you really don’t have a choice in the matter, it was comforting to know after all the sadness in my life, God was with me the whole time.  So within the last year I just changed my Genre to Christian rap, and actually my music is sounding better than ever!

ET: Why did you decide to make a name change from Oneshot BK Reppa to Aydrien’ Banks ? What did this change bring for your music career?

AB: Well im  currently in the process of doing a huge promo tour, TV, Radio and marketing myself. I wanted a name that was catchy and easier to market that the Oneshot brand. So the only real reason I changed the name was for marketing reasons it was a way or reinventing myself.  The name Change was great as I gear up to do my TV Campaign, I think the name “Aydrien’ Banks” sounds great on TV, Radio and in Magazines.

ET: Besides rapping, you also dabble in acting, producing, directing, and you’re even a fitness model. How did you find these hobbies, and more importantly – how do you find the time to fit all of this into your busy schedule?

AB: Fitness is a huge part of my world its so important to stay in shape, most of my friends are body builders so I was always around the world of fitness.  Im coming out with Fitness DVD, and a fitness youtube channel to inspire people to take better care of their bodies. We live in a country were people would rather eat a cheese burger than go to the gym that is not good for our future.  As far as directing goes it fits in with my music because I direct my own music videos, and film all y content, and Im gearing up to launch my own Christian Film Company in the near future.

ET: Which one of your latest tracks would you say is your favorite lyrically and why?

AB: I have a new Song Called “Broken man” Youtube search it. Broken man has a consistent flow throughout the entire song and its extremely catchy ….it’s the perfect summer song to blast in your car and drive too.  I just love the flow and lyrics in that song, so make sure you guys check it out! The song has one of my close friends “Litto Mitty” singing on the hook and doing backgrounds in the song! Check him out!

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