While Ayy Brooks may be a relatively unknown Hip-Hop artist at the moment, do not be surprised if you start hearing more of him by next year. His EP “Beyond Infinite” is set to release in 2014, and Ayy Brooks is definitely ready to fly high. He has the talent to be one of the Hip Hop music’s most talented artists who’s just waiting to explode on the scene. Ayy Brooks has paid his dues in the industry during his 5 years of steadily climbing through the ranks of the top performers in the genre. Ayy Brooks is constantly pumping out some of his best records, and he is now about ready to break through the ceiling next year with “Beyond Infinite”, his next EP. We asked AyyBrooks about his musical upbringing, his main influences, & got details on his latest project, “Young Kids Living The Dream.”

Entertwine: When did you get into making music and getting into hip-hop?

AyyBrooks: I got into playing guitar around age ten, and I’ve always been a writer. I decided to get into hip-hop when I was around the age of fifteen. Ever since then I have been steadily working on my craft.

ET: Theres a lot of competition in the hip-hop scene right now. What do you bring to the table that stands you out from the rest?

AB: I have versatile flow, meaning I tend not to stick to the same kind of delivery, or rhyme scheme. I have been told many times that my style can sell, my image can sell, my craft can sell. While all of that is great, I am looking for more out of this industry. I won’t stop when I reach the top. I am looking for ways to grow, and build relationships. I am not in this business to take anyones spot or to sell myself, although those two things have a good chance of happening. I am in this industry for the raw experiences.

(AyyBrooks – “Come Catch Me”)

ET: Is there a story behind the name AyyBrooks?

AB: There will always be a story behind my name, so long as I keep busy. I knew that when I did the YKLTD project that the buzz would be built. I knew people would ask questions, it was my plan in the first place. From there all I had to do was keep it going. YKLTD was the start to the story of how us kids became who we are and how we got there. Now my job is to build on the story, and I hope you guys love what I have to tell you next. When I write the story of my life, I won’t let anyone else hold the pen.
ET: Lyrically, what do you look to get across to your listeners?

AB: I look to get my story across, my thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. I like to let my audience know I am real, so I plan to keep in good communication through my music. Lyrically I want my audience to be enthused, and inspired. I don’t want anyone to think it happened over night. The truth of the matter is I work hard, all day and night, and I plan to bring my fans quality collectively thought out music.
ET: If you could tour with any three artists who would they be?

AB: Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, and Drake.


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