Blood Sugar Summer are a duo consisting of Benjo James (vocals) and Jack Wilson (guitars). They hail from Northumberland, England and their unique blend of doom metal and synth-pop (dubbed ‘doomwave’) has to be heard to be believed. They’re making serious waves online, and their debut record ‘Birthed By Wolves’ is due for release within the next couple of months. We got to ask vocalist, Benjo James a few questions about the group’s start, and where they are headed next.

Entertwine: How did you both meet and begin creating and performing together? Is there significance or meaning to the band’s name?

Benjó James: Me and Jack have been friends for a long time, we share a kinship in our love of Type O Negative, and our general appreciate for heavy, atmospheric music. We were jamming one day and decided to lay down some tracks for fun, and voila, BSS was born. There’s no particular significance to the name, it just rolls of the tongue nicely.

ET: How has living in Northumberland, England influenced the both of you, both personally and musically? What is the music scene like there? Have you been able to book any live performances yet?

BJ: Northumberland’s a rural country, as such there’s not much of a music scene beyond folk. It’s the most Northern part of the country, and as such it’s cold, rainy and sparsely populated. So to answer your question I guess it’s not too much of a coincidence we write more melancholic music reflective of the scenery we grew up around. We’re currently studio based, as there’s just the two of us. We’ll play live as soon as we’ve got a band together.

ET: What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your upcoming album “Birthed By Wolves”? What can you tell us about the two tracks (‘Haunted’ and ‘The Most Photographed Woman On the Planet’) you’ve released so far?

BJ: ‘Haunted’ is narrated by a character who frequents a drug-fuelled urban club scene and keeps seeing an apparition of an attractive young woman who may or not have died. ‘The Most Photographed Woman On the Planet’ is a power ballad which details the life of a beautiful celebutante who dies too early. Most of my lyrical concepts seem to marry beauty and tragedy, exploring the darker side of the imagination, although other tracks follow more traditional romantic themes.

ET: What musical equipment and recording gear do you use to achieve/capture the band’s unique sound? Are there any other members involved in the making of your music (engineers, producers, instrumentalists) or is everything done by you two (Benjo James and Jack Wilson)?

BJ: Our studio set-up’s actually pretty basic, and we perform, produce and mix everything ourselves, as since we’ve got such a unique sound we can’t trust anyone else to produce us properly.

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Blood Sugar Summer? How will you market “Birthed By Wolves”?

BJ: The remainder of 2014 will see the release of “Birthed By Wolves”, which we plan to release digitally.

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