Leslie Dalencour Aka “Boom Boom” is a dance music recording artist originally from Miami Beach. He now resides in Washington DC and has teamed up with singer/songwriter/producer Alexi von Guggenberg to create a unique blend of infectious Pop, Reggaeton, and Dance music. Currently Boom Boom is an independent dance music artist. Boom Boom’s music promotes peace, love, and the enjoyment of life. There is no use of profanity in any of his songs and each one projects a positive attitude. Boom Boom’s songs are current and comparable with top 40 pop radio delivering a high energy performance that is guaranteed to entertain.

Entertwine: From Miami to DC – how are you liking this transition?

LD: I love both cities. Miami is warmer but I still drive a convertible in DC. Both cities share a love for Dance music and are home to some incredible DJs. Washington DC has accepted our music with open arms. My first album had a much stronger Miami sound. My second album “Run Away” ( was influenced a lot by the mix of cultures here in DC and has a slightly different feel.

ET: Musically, do you find that you’ve developed as an artist in both of these cities? Why?

LD: Yes. In Miami I was influenced by the South American and Caribbean culture. The food, music, and languages played a huge role in creating my music. Last year I took my producer (who is a DC native) to Miami to give him a feel for where I lived. That trip was influential is creating the sound of my first album.  DC has a lot of Hop-hop/Rap music and Alexi brings that flare into the songs we create.

ET: Tell us about your current project(s) with singer/songwriter Alexi von Guggenberg. What can listeners expect from this upcoming work?

LD: Right now we are back in the studio and have just released two new singles on I-tunes. “Do Something About It” –

And “Crush” –

We have bunch of crazy new ideas and 2014 is going to be a big year with lots of exciting new music from Boom Boom and G.U.G.G.!! It’s going to be Boombastic!

ET: Who would you say are some of your key influencers when writing, producing, or even performing, and why?

LD: My producer Alexi von Guggenberg can take any idea I have and turn it into a hit. He accepts any thought and finds a way to make something incredible out of it. When I’m performing it’s a combination of all the music I listened to growing up and the ups and downs of life I’ve been through. If you listen to my songs “Nail In The Coffin” or “Run Away” you will understand a lot more about where I come from and what I’ve been through. When performing I feel most free to express who I am and that is really the driving force of my shows. I bring 100% pure Boom Boom to the stage.

ET: How would you describe your sound to an audience unfamiliar with your music?

LD: Dance! It’s a unique blend of infectious Pop, Reggaeton, and Dance music full of catchy hooks and energetic raps.

ET: What does music mean to you? And what do you strive for your audience to get out of your music?

LD: I want my audience to feel free, to live through me and to relate to my experiences. There is a story in every song that everyone can find a part of themselves in. Music is a platform to share my story and heart with the world.

ET: When you aren’t performing, what takes up your free time?

LD: I spend a ton of time in the studio working on new songs and preparing for upcoming event/shows. There is allows a new song in the works. You’re only as good as the last song you’ve put out. It’s never over. I’m continually telling my story as it evolves.

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

LD: I am very interested in expanding my reach. I want everyone in every country to catch the Boom Boom and G.U.G.G. FEVER! 2014 has just begun! Buckle up it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!! Please like my pages below:


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