San Diego based producer, Brad Sweet, is fusing the genres of electronic music with R&B and soul in the latest releases from his upcoming album “The Human Response”. The first single released off of his upcoming album was titled “Placebo Effect” featuring singer-writer Avianna Acid. The song related the medical phenomenon of the placebo effect to love and the feelings we have. Diving deeper into his album concept comparing toxic relationships to a drug addiction he’s now released “Make Me Crazy”, which focuses on the back and forths…both in love and the paralyzing hook a drug can have on an addict.

Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What led you to pursue a career in the music industry?

One day as I was working at my desk in the office the question popped up, “what will I do whenever the day comes that I retire?”…I thought on that for a long time, if I didn’t need to work for money and had all the time in the world I would most likely spend my time playing music as much as possible. I’ve played piano since I was 4, and guitar since 13 and at that point I began moving towards playing music as a career. I figured if I could cut out the whole part where you work for 40 years and just play music now I would be far happier in life. 

Who are your biggest musical influences? Have you been influenced by the city of San Diego and the music scene there?

The music scene in San Diego is great, I’ve made many friends through being a part of it and try to see as many local acts as I can to support it. Influences for me come from every direction…Bela Fleck, Grateful Dead, Alt-J, Skrillex…anybody that pushed music forward or is a master in there craft influences my music.

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your new album? What is the album called and when will it be released? 

This album was inspired by many experiences both personally in my own life as well as friends experiences. The music was inspired by many songs that I wrote years ago and have had stashed away. The album is called The Human Response and the full album will be available mid-March.


What can you tell us about the two singles you’ve released so far (‘Make Me Crazy’ and ‘Placebo Effect’)?

Both of these are a part of a larger concept this album will have which compares a drug addiction with a toxic relationship. The hold that both have on one’s mind is something I’ve found interesting and often very comparable. I’ve seen friends/family struggle first hand with both.

Aside from the release of your debut album, what does 2015 hold in store for Brad Sweet?

I also play in a band called Broken Stems, 2015 has a lot of shows already booked up with us traveling all over. Beyond that I will be working on putting together a live show for this album, which will be far more electronic than Broken Stems music. There is definitely a learning curve to putting that together but one I will embrace.

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