Although her musical background started when she was young, Brittnee Belt didn’t start her journey into the spotlight until 2009. By taking a leap of faith, Brittnee was eager to get the ball rolling and in less than a year, not only did she have dozens of gigs lined up, she also crossed off the popular Texas music festival, Austin City Limits from her bucket list – but thats not all, she also had her first single featured in an award winning movie. If that isn’t enough to prove this brave, pop rocker chick has what it takes to shine bright in the industry, I don’t know what will. We asked Brittnee a few questions about her journey and what exactly it was like to have one of her own songs featured on the big screen.

Entertwine: How’d you get your start in music?

Brittnee Belt: I’ve always loved music even when I was younger. I didn’t start performing professionally until 2009. I started taking professional voice lessons in Dallas and told myself that I would try this for a year. I didn’t want to be 40 years old and have regrets. In less than a year I had achieved placing my music in an award-winning movie, built a partnership with a management company and played a showcase on the historical Austin City Limits TV set for Land Shark Lager and Rhapsody. You can say that was enough to motivate me to continue with music.

ET: What drew you to start writing music within the pop/country genre?

BB: One day I had a song in my head that I couldn’t get out of my head. I thought it was a song that I had heard on the radio and went to Google to look it up. It didn’t exist. I wrote down the lyrics and recorded it on my phone and took it to my vocal coach. She helped me form my lyrics into what “With You” is today.

ET: When you sit down to write a song, what is the process like?

BB: Normally I hear the start of my songs while I’m sleeping. I always dream in soundtracks as if my life was a super long music video. When I wake up I always write them down and turn them into what you hear today.

(Brittnee Belt – “Secret Identity”)

ET: In 2009, your single “Secret Identity” was used as the theme song for the movie, “Minor Details,” starring Jeanette McCurdy (iCarly), and Savannah Jayde (Big Time Rush). What did this mean to you?

Since it was within the first year of my music career it was a HUGE deal to me. It established me as a professional musician as well as a songwriter. I was asked to come perform “Secret Identity” at the movie premiere in Orem, Utah. The theatre was packed with cast, crew and local press… it was amazing.

ET: Who would you say are your biggest influences, and why?

Hilary Duff and Demi Lovato. Hilary Duff was really the first major positive role model that Disney released in music. She really started the whole Disney music empire. Her music was very upbeat and had great messages. I think it’s really important to have music that means something.

Demi Lovato also inspires me because of the struggles that she has been through. She is from my hometown of Dallas. She is a true warrior in that she has overcame many difficult situations that many would just fall flat on their face and give up. She hasn’t. She has pushed through life and has come out stronger on the other side and her fans respect her for showing that she is human, just like them.

ET: Lyrically, what do most of your songs represent?

It’s hard to pin point just one theme that they represent. The biggest thing is they all of them are about are moments in my life that I need to remember. Every time I step on stage and perform I remember all of the moments that got me to that song.

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