CADEN has been immersed in music from an early age and been singing since before he can remember. With the forthcoming release of his debut album ‘This Is Happening’ CADEN has been on the go recording, filming music videos and working on his ever changing live performances. Borrowing from an eclectic mix of music styles he prides himself in delivering fun, engaging shows that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. We caught up with CADEN right in the midst of the release of “This Is Happening,” and got to get an inside look on his musical roots, the making of the album, and news on what is to come for CADEN!

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? Who or what led you to pursue a career in music? I grew up around music. My father played the guitar and drums while exposing me to a diverse range of musical genres as well. My mother is a writer and very creative and always encouraged my artistic side. They both have told me that I’ve been singing since I could talk – that it was something I just always have done. I started singing in school when I was nine and have kept at it ever since. Throughout school I credit a few key teachers and mentors for nurturing my love of music, singing and overall creativity – it has truly lived on!

How long have you lived in Los Angeles, California? What has been your experience with the music scene of Los Angeles? I’ve survived living in LA for over twelve years now. I am guilty of coming here with stars in my eyes, fresh off the boat from Jackson hole, Wyoming and thinking it would be easy to “make it” here. After a few years of open mic nights, trying to make music connections and “find my tribe” that music seemed to be out of reach. I largely gave up on it and couldn’t find the time between working two jobs just to afford to live here.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that a friend of mine (composer/pianist) heard me sing and told me to invest in my talent and start taking voice lessons. That vocal coaching led to me admitting to them (and myself again) that I’d come to LA initially to write, record and perform my own music-that it was my goal (dream). After a couple years of hard work and dedication I’m finally through the rabbit hole and have achieved what I thought impossible.

However, the music scene in Los Angeles has proven to be quite a challenge for an “up and comer” like myself. There are either tiny, quiet cafes with acoustic singer-songwriters or a big stage where you have to know the promoter, bring 20+ people and/or pay to play. Those options have proved to be quite taxing at times, but I’ve made some headway and gathered a nice following and some contacts that know what I can deliver now. Hard work and determination are finally starting to pay off!

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of “This Is Happening”? Could you tell us about each of the featured tracks? This Is Happening was always meant to be a sampling of the different kinds of music I enjoy listening to. As far as direction and the subjects that I went on to write about, I’d say in hindsight that I just wanted an album that would introduce people to the kind of person I am and what I’ve learned up to this point; as well as how to let loose and have a good time!

LOW DOWN DIRTY: Is always a crowd favorite. On the surface it’s a song about getting down dirty with someone. But I’ve always meant for it to be about stripping down the superfluous materialism from someone and loving what is left behind, the low down dirtier parts of ourselves.

I’D FOLLOW YOU: My favorite song on the album and probably the most personal. It actually tells the story of when I got to LA and was pretty lonely and had a hard time finding friends and making my way here. While also looking for that elusive “significant other” and talking about the things we’d do together if only we had met yet.. awe! Haha!


What does your writing and recording process look and sound like? What musical equipment, instruments and programs do you use live and in-studio? Honestly, I’ve used my smart phone 100% for this album. I write all my notes down on it, record melodies, sing into it and use several apps to take down the ideas I get everyday. I used to journal and have copious notebooks full of lyrics (which I still do) but having the smart phone has helped me be more focus and organized, sorry to say! I can’t say that I have a real process but I will say that I get the bulk of my ideas while I’m working on something else. I think that activity and the energy produced from it both collide to make my type of creative environment necessary for music. I get ideas from the conversations I have with friends/co-workers, the news, listening to other music and then working on a project (not related to music) and simultaneously writing lyrics in my head and attaching melody to it.

Could you tell us about some of the most exciting or interesting live performances you’ve been a part of to date? This past month I was invited to sing at The Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles for a large fundraiser in front of 650+ people. I was allowed to bring a couple of friends who are dancers and created a really neat show complete with costumes, choreography and a small band – and it was so rewarding to be a part of. To be able to do the kind of show that I’d always dreamed of was such a full-circle life moment and I still can’t believe it happened sometimes!

Now, my sights are focused on the Album Release Show and putting together a great set with a couple covers and working with my full band to put on an entertaining show for everyone! We’re also working on some free merchandise giveaways to mark the occasion and thank all the friends and fans for their continued support.

What can you tell us about the November 21 album release show at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles?Well, first off, it’s a free show at a great venue on a Saturday night that is sure to be an awesome evening with a great crowd – there’s no reason to NOT be there! My talented band and I are putting together a great set that is going to be a lot of fun to see, hear and be a part of! I honestly do music for the thrill of the live performance and enjoy working really hard to provide and engaging, playful experience that you’ll want to come back for!

What inspired the artwork for “This Is Happening”? The artwork is something I can take zero credit for! That is all the work of a very talented graphic designer named Rich Carrillo ( who worked really hard to get those graphics looking as great as they do. I’m really lucky to have him work on all my graphics, website ( and print work that I constantly seem to need. He also did the image for the physical CDs I had made as well as stickers for the Album Release Show.

I will say the image of me on the cover, taken by my friend Josh Romine ( was almost an accident of sorts. I was just going to pop the collar on the leather jacket I was wearing to mix up what we were doing and he said “stop, stay right there!” and started shooting. At some point I guess I closed my eyes and there you have the picture. I’m constantly amazed by what Rich Carrillo has done with, and to, that image!

What went into the making of the music video for your song ‘Loser’?

Loser, oh Loser… the song and video are so sweet and near to my heart for all the right (and wrong) reasons! At the most base level the song is about loving someone even if they’ll never get ahead, keep up the pace or win at life! Truly loving someone for what they are and not only for what they may or may not accomplish.

The video, which I always wanted to be the first video, is to serve as the introduction to my silly personality! We shot it all in one take in an ally way in downtown Los Angeles on a 95degree day in June! The final product was the LAST take we did before everyone had to leave and we all nailed it after several hot, sweaty takes in the blistering sun. I had scouted another location the week before (in the shade) that someone else snagged the day we decided to shoot our video – so despite the heat and last minute location change, we trudged ahead and shot it! It’s silly and fun and I’m just excited to finally get to share that crazy day with everyone!

 What activities and hobbies do you enjoy outside of music? I own a café in Hollywood across from Capitol Records (hint hint) that I get to enjoy my love of cooking, baking and espresso at everyday! It’s also where I do a lot of my songwriting. I always enjoy doing anything outside after having grown up in Wyoming near Yellowstone – hiking, camping, snowboarding, cycling, as well as getting out of town to explore the world! I also am a painter and color pencil artist and love trying new forms of creativity.

What does 2016 hold in store for Caden, musically-speaking? In all my years of living in Los Angeles I am the most excited for 2016! I’m busy planning more shows, applying to summer festivals, producing the next batch of music for a new album, two more music videos and a host of other endeavors! I have all this great momentum and support and I’m truly excited to keep running with it and see what the future holds. I’m just going to keep on working hard doing what I love, having a great attitude, meeting people and creating more music to perform. Stay tuned!

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