Caleb is a 22-year-old rapper and producer from Arkansas, whose colorful production style stems from his interest in a variety of genres. Caleb’s unique sound can be heard stemming from his latest track, “Rich.” It seems that the rapper has been crafting this for some time, playing like a seasoned artist. Look out for plenty more where this came from, as Caleb is just getting started. Enjoy our interview with Caleb below!

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? You’ve posted 56 recordings to your Soundcloud channel over the past two years, with 46 of them being within the past year (and more than half of the original 56 posted within the last month); what influenced this rapid and intense workflow? Could you pick out a few of your favorites and share their stories and significance with us?

Caleb: I play the piano/organ for my church. I produce and songwright as well. I guess my determination to make something out of nothing kinda inspired me to start uploading more. I wanted to showcase my talent. My favorite Beat right Now is “My Fire” which I sampled Dan Hartmans Relight My Fire That Song Gets me going when I want to give up at Times. Also”Beach Music.”

ET: What can you tell us about the music scene of Blytheville, Arkansas? Could you tell us about some of your most exciting or interesting live performances you’ve been a part of to this date?

C: The Music Scene in Blytheville Arkansas could be so much better, we get looked over for the bigger surrounding cities like Memphis, St Louis, or Little Rock. We Don’t Offer Much For Up-and-coming artist, Hopefully That Will Change One Day.

ET: Are there any particular activities or hobbies that you enjoy outside of music?

C: Other than music, my hobbies include playing video Games,  Swagg, I am Shoe Fanatic, Girls, Having Fun. I’m really Nice Person To be around.

ET: Could you tell us about your involvement with Wave Gang?

C: Wave Gang has been pushing my song I have on “HotNewHipHop” for a couple of days. They are definitely cool in my book.

ET: Do you have any plans to record and release a full-length in the near future? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

C: I want to release a full-length project. I want to gain fans and get my buzz up before I release a project, however. I have beat and songs I could hear countless of major artists on. I currently have no shows lined up.

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