Carlos Kano is making some waves with a new twist to electronic music. With his feel good, upbeat, and high energy, every one of his songs will leave you wanting more. This Sacramento-based artist started out with a completely different interest in music when he was young, but as years passed, his interest in electronic music grew. Carlos Kano is currently working on a few new tracks, all while promoting to local DJ’s. Enjoy our interview with Carlos Kano below!

Entertwine: Who is Carlos Kano? Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What drew you to house and electronic music in the first place?

Carlos Kano: Carlos Kano is a soul that loves electro high energy music that loves to make people smile and have a good time. I started as a hardcore music fan, then I would listen to people playing hand drums on the street for hours. I couldn’t believe that those hand drums made me feel incredible inside. Therefore I learn a little bit of hand drums myself. And now I play hand drums on the street for others. When I heard about Logic Studio Pro a music generating program I was in heaven because I had access to creating an entire song with so many different sound variables. I am not just a Music Making Junkie.

What drew me to electronic house music was definitely the vibe of these massive massive events such as EDC las vegas. (Electric Daisy Carnival) 300, 000 thousand people and not one single fight in the crowd. All love in the crowd people just living life being free and enjoying some beautiful house music.

ET: What can you tell us about the music scene of Sacramento, California (that is where you are from and reside, correct?)? How has the area influenced you, both musically and personally?

CK: Sacramento Dance scene is slowly growing as it is in many towns across the USA. Im enjoying the progression there. Ironically Sacramento hasn’t’ influenced me much it’s my favorite city that has which is San Francisco.

ET: What can you tell us about each of the tracks you’ve previously released (‘Cuba Libre’, ‘I’m Freakin’ Thirsty’, ‘Mighty Mighty Party’, ‘Let’s Get Wild’, ‘Snapchat’, ‘Marry Me’, ‘Outer Space Love’, ‘Feel It When We Drop the Bass’, ‘Chocolate Full’, and ‘Kano Wins’)? How do your two latest releases (‘Shiah Luna – Hello Glory’ and ‘Spread the Love’) differ from or expand on your older material?

CK:  Cuba Libre– Cuba Libre was created in Miami Florida at an event called WMC (world music conference)

My buddy Josser from ghetto house radio and I were hanging out and he introduced me to this drink called the “cuba libre” which I have never had before. I fell in love with the drink. We drank Cuba Libre’s allllllll week long!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the drink so much I had to make a song for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All it is is coke, rum and a splash of lime yum yum yum.

Mighty Mighty Party– is a fun song created because every party I go to with all my friends people are very curious about who we are due to thehigh energy we bring to a party. Well that’s how this song was created. The song was created to let people who we are… Sometimes we just happen to be the Life of the PARTY…….

I’m freakin thirsty– the im freakin thirsty song will always have a soft spot in my heart! I used to do stand up comedy and my tag line was “IM freakin thirsty” people loved this idea and in public on an average day people would come up to me and say hey you’re the “im freakin thirsty” guy… this tag line made some waves therefore I started a “im freakin thirsty” brand I own clothing company “im freakin thirsty” and we had to build a website “imfreakingthirsty.com so the only missing piece was the “im freakin thirsty” song. And pow!!!!!!!!!! We made one.

Lets get wild– is a song that was created for the wanna go crazy just one night people. People are always at a nightclub trying to hook up therefore this song will hopefully help them break the ice and reach their goals. Therefore “lets get wild”

SNAPCHAT– ahahahah good fun song. With the social media world everyone has a FB, Instagram, Twitter etc….. I thought I would be nice and help SNAPCHAT make their move in the social media world therefore what a better way to promote something than with fun uplifting beats!!!!!!!!

Marry Me– oh my oh my oh my- My poor brother might get married and he likes electro too. I put a twist to the wedding song with this electro song.

Out of space love– Simple. I’ve been in love therefore I made a song for her!!!!!!!!!!

FEEL it when we drop the BASS– People love Bass so I made a BASSY TUNE

Chocolate Full – chocolate sundae was made for a comedy show in LA at the laugh factory. I get extremely busy with life and all its stressors the show “chocolate sundae’s” really allows me to free my mind and watch some darn good comedy every now and again. I wanted to show my gratitude by making them a song. They have heard it and loved it. Because of this song they now are thinking about making a music making contest. I was happy they liked it!

Kano wins– this is my theme song. I have so many projects going on and some are winning projects and some not so much. Kano wins is a song that promotes “winning” when one of my ideas becomes reality then “KANO WINS” Also Kano is my nickname just like the mortal kombat character. I should probably show this to mortal kombat just haven’t had the time.

Shiah Luna “Hello Glory”- An artist I’ve always wanted to work with because of her positive lovely lyrics. I finally got the opportunity to work with her so I had her send me some vocals and we created this magical uplifting song. As of late I’ve wanted to make music that promotes love and good spirits. With her lyrics I was able to accomplish this by still keeping my electro producing flare.

Spread the Love– Same idea as “Hello Glory” wanted to create a song that promotes good vibes good energy and a positive message. Spread the love made it to Itunes and its really nice because when people want to help me in a financial way they can go to itunes and download the song for one dollar. In addition a song can create a mood and I think with spread the love it’s a reminder to the world to be kind and spread the love to all of your surrounding people as we are all beautiful souls that seek love in different forms.

ET: Are there any particular activities or hobbies that you enjoy outside of music?

CK: I enjoy running, hiking, motorcycling, meditation, and/or creating anything

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Carlos Kano? Do you have any upcoming live performances in the near future?

CK: 2014 has one upcoming fun wild song that I can’t release the name yet but its going to be an absolute wild FUN FUN FUN song. Also I’ve got one more song idea for the one and only SHIAH LUNA…..The rest of the year I will finish strong in the Studio and continue to promote songs to all my favorite DJs.

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