Ced Wynez is gifted Producer/Rapper/Songwriter born and raised in Miami, FL. He has been creating music for about 9 years strong. He has produced records for numerous artists from New York, Florida even all the way to France. Ced Wynez is influence by the likes of Kanye West,Timbaland, and Dr. Dre in the Hip Hop industry. Now that he has taken his talents to Atlanta, Ga he’s finally getting ready to release his debut album “The Rebellion” on November 11th. Ced Wynez is a wolf that ready to be unleashed! We asked Ced a few questions about his upcoming release, giving you the first glimpse of what is to come!

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? What inspired you to begin creating music in the first place? What is the significance of your moniker?

Ced Wynez: Man, I grew up into a musical family. From my grandmother singing in church to one of my cousin was singing opera around the world for bout 10 years. I use to sing in the church choir along with my aunt, grandmother, and my cousins. But it wasn’t until 2006 that I started doing Hip Hop music while I was in Savannah, Ga.

My younger brother Eric inspired me to create music. I remember him sending me some of his beats he was just messing around with and they were dope. He actually plays the saxophone. So I went out and brought me a Triton LE keyboard and started creating my own tracks. I wasn’t rapping at first. But I always was a writer. I started to rap the very next year because I was tried of hearing wack music coming out in the indie scene in Savannah and Miami.

I use to go by the Big Ced but I later changed it to Ced Wynez because when myspace was poppin I found out that there were some artists name “Big Ced” so I’ve decided to shorten my first name and use my father’s last name drop the “s” and put a “z” to set myself apart. Now I’m officially in my own lane.

ET: What was it like growing up in Miami, Florida? What has been your experience with the music scene of Atlanta, Georgia?

CW: Miami is an unique city. Its part of the south but its not southern. Miami is very influenced by the island culture because its not that far from Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Bahamas. Growing up there you did either two things Hustle or played sports and anything in between was considered “something on the side” until that “side” became you’re hustle. The Atlanta music scene especially Hip Hop is pretty strong. It’s alot outlets and resources for artists to get there music heard by the audience. I like here I collab with some dope artists out here. The Hip Hop scene is very strong out here. My experience has been very good.

ET: What is the overall subject matter or central theme to the tracks you’ve released on Soundcloud? Which of your tracks are you most proud of? What message are you attempting to convey to your listeners through your music?

CW: There’s no specific theme I was going for on my soundcloud page. The only direction Im going for is having people to get familiar with my music. I have a variety of tracks on there for the audience to get a chance to become fans of Ced Wynez. I’m most proud of the tracks “WE LIVE” and “Ain’t Suppose to Cry” because those tracks have messages in them and I also detailed my experiences as well.

The message I’m giving to the listeners is Raw, Bold, everyday experiences from an artist whose STILL going threw the struggles of life.


ET: You rap and produce, correct? Do you approach projects differently depending on whether you are the artist or the producer? Who have been some of your favorite artists to work with? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled? 

CW: Yes I rap and produce records. I approach every project differently rather I’m the artist or behind the boards as a producer. As a producer, it’s all about the artist. My job is to bring out the best in the artist on the track in the studio. Now when I’m the artist writing a song that’s produced by another producer, I expect the same thing from the producer to be that coach in the studio. When I double up as both, I already know what I want to say, what direction I want to go before I even touch on key.

Man, I’ve worked with some really talented artists thats up and coming. But some of my favorites were J-Kad, Yooda, Zar The Dip, Dee-I, Pollock Da King, J. Peezy just to name a few.  I’m in the process of scheduling some live performance as we speak. I will keep you updated on any live up coming shows in the future. They will be posted on my website.

ET: You released an App this Summer which is available on the iTunes Store; what inspired this project, and how was it fulfilled?

CW: The sole purpose of the app is to give the fans a chance to engage me more efficiently and quickly instead of having to go to there web browsers on their mobile devices. Also when I update the app or post something, they will receive a notification instantly. It really inspired me to engage the fans a little more personally too. Creating an app was one of my missions for 2014. Mission accomplished!


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