Chad Gerber also known as “woodrowgerber,” is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, performing artist, and composer. He has worked with platinum selling artists such as Aloe Blacc, toured on the Vans Warped Tour, and released 7 albums since 2006. His music receives airplay worldwide and has been featured in many snowboarding, surfing, and overlanding films. We asked Chad about his musical start, what it was like working with Aloe Blacc, and more!

Entertwine: How did you get your start into music, and did you always plan on taking on so many musical tasks?

Chad Gerber: I got my start in music when I was 6 years old by an old rancher named Willard who taught me how to play the harmonica. Not long after that I started taking classical guitar lessons, then I discovered rock and roll and music consumed my life. The plan was to be just a guitarist, which worked out for a while, but then my creative appetite kept growing and I found myself forming bands and doing the writing for them. At first others did the singing, but it didn’t sound like the music I was hearing in my head, so after a few years of that I started fronting bands like The Suicide Denial. Things just kept evolving over the years and out of necessity to facilitate my goals and express my ideas more fully, I took on more and more aspects of the creative process. Now I feel like a dancing circus monkey playing an accordion… but I’m getting the ideas out of my head!

ET: How would you describe your music, and in return, how do you think your fans would describe your music?

CG: I kind of bounce around a bit between a few genres, but I would say most of my stuff relies on a a bit of classical movement type structures mixed with electronic pop, rock, EDM, and folk elements. I used to try and stick to a specific genre, but now I just go wherever I like. I sort of feel like a mix between Gorillaz and Moby. Everything I’m working on right now for the upcoming XO release in May is electronic, classical, folk, and some EDM. As far as what fans are hearing, I get weird comparisons to things like water, driving, and seasons. My fans are awesomely strange 🙂

 ET: Your bio says you have worked with many notable artists, one of those being Aloe Blacc. Did you write with him, or did he write with you – or both?

CG: Both actually. I worked with Aloe on a very early incarnation of one of his songs called Mama Hold My Hand trying some different guitar ideas, and he worked with me on some early rock songs I was doing. We were both trying a lot of things which was cool, and now it’s funny looking back and seeing how much stuff has changed, and how much of what we are doing now was buried in all those rough ideas. I mean, during those sessions he was all hip hop, and I was straight up rock lol.

ET: You’ve also been a part of Warped Tour too. What were these experiences like, and what did you gain from it?

CG: Warped Tour has a special place in my heart for way more reasons than I can possibly list in here lol. It was with my band The Suicide Denial, and we actually got kicked off the tour at one point due to some corporate politics with a Warped Tour sponsor. Luckily, we snuck back into the tour a few cities later and were able to talk to Kevin Lyman (creator of Warped) who sorted the entire situation out for us. Touring in bands and doing music all over for so long, you meet a lot of cool people, and REALLY mean people. Rarely do the people in any type of power positions treat you with much respect, but that day with Kevin Lyman is the first time anyone has treated me with so much kindness when they didn’t remotely have to. I mean, we would have been stranded in Jersey if it weren’t for him. So yeah, I guess I learned that there are good people in this business after all who really do love music.

ET: What is it like to have released SEVEN albums. Do you see yourself continuing to produce more music? If so, what can fans expect from you in the near future?

CG: There’s been so much constant music that it’s hard to think about 7 albums floating around out there. I think it may be 6 though and the one I’m currently working on is 7….. I get lost though. It’s amazing. Every song is an extremely personal piece of myself that is out there and hopefully touches people. These ideas inspire me and all I want to do is inspire others and speak to them on some level. I’ll always be making music, and of course will be releasing my new XO album soundtrack in May this year along with some other projects in the pipeline. I have some videos coming out with an amazing video artist named A.K.L.A., I’m doing more collaborating with film makers Expedition Overland, a paranormal graphic novel based on woodrowgerber by an Australian artist named Silva, and I’ll be starting on another large woodrowgerber project this fall! It’s a busy year and once I pull myself away from the studio I’ll be doing some spot dates here in the US as well.

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