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This hip-hop artist hails all the way from Wisbech, Zambia and brings many unique things to the table. Chase Parker, better known as Chase Iyan has been writing and producing since he was young, and who would have known someone like Will Smith would have influenced him to start! We asked Chase a few questions about his music career and how growing up in Zambia has influenced his writing and career.

Entertwine: How did you get into producing and writing music? 

Chase Iyan: I remember one day sitting listening to the radio, and that Will Smith song, “Miami”  was playing. From there I was like, I wanna be like on the radio with my songs playing. Back in the day it was really hard asking a girl out so i thought that could be my break..but i was young and naive so yeah…i grew more into it and i started getting better at my producing. I taught myself how to write songs because every time I make a beat, I have an idea and I start to write to it. So you can say Will Smith brought me to the world of music. I was inspired by him.

Entertwine: When you sit down to write, what is the process like? Do you think of music before lyrics or vice versa?

CI: Well the process is not hard, i just sit down first, make a tune in my head, and feel it then go to my piano and I start laying down the lyrics i make. It depends, but I usually think of music before lyrics…but it all depends with the mood am in.

Entertwine: How has your hometown of Wisbech, Zambia inspired your music?

CI: Growing up in my home town wasnt a good start for me music there was like very hard….to even have a label to here it or radio stations it was hard experience for me everybody would laugh at my beats I was making inculding my own brother a few people believed in me but i guess i knew what I wanted now people start to see.

Entertwine: What are your musical plans for the future?

CI: I plan to be big. I want the world to know my name and share my dream of my music taste…but i just want to be out there and do what i love most thats all.

Listen To Chase’s Music Here:

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