Chemical Refugee are the 21st century rock n roll band bridging the gaps between different media, genres and expressions of story-telling through first-hand accounts of their life in the red light district of Sydney Australia combined with disease infested psychedelically electrified raw Rock n Roll. We caught up with the band to ask them a few questions about their music/band’s past, and present!

How did the members of the band meet and begin writing music and performing together? What is the significance of the band’s name? Doc: Myself and Nick have been playing together in bands for years, Purpz is a old skating brother of mine and Alby has just joined the clan cause he is one badass motherf*cker! Purpz had never played an instrument before joining the band, he just has that wild attitude we wanted where it didn’t even matter. The bands name originates from the phrase “Chemical Refuge”. Creating art and music together gives that chemical reactive feeling of seeking refuge in drugs or alcohol for us.

What is the music scene of Sydney, Australia (the band’s hometown) like? What is life like in Sydney in general? Doc: Sydney’s music scene seems to vary between each little sub-continent of Sydney. It’s not like everyone is into ‘Hardcore’..Or ‘Indie’ and nothing else like it was a few years back. Life in Sydney is changing…. At the moment we are all living neck deep within different cultures, opposing attitudes and changing social standards…….the Government is really giving us a kick.

Has the band performed live? If so, could you tell us about some of the most exciting or interesting performances the band has been a part of? We’ve done a few warm up gigs but haven’t kicked into live Gigging like a flaming hurricane yet. That’s coming next!

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of the band’s upcoming album? What can you tell us about the featured tracks? Doc: We are creating a concept album based on life in the raw underside of Sydney. The lyrics and sounds are inspired by our real life experiences living, writing and recording parts of the album in the red light district of Sydney, Australia.
Our songs reflect ‘addiction, prostitution, mental health, loneliness, corruption, isolation, recovery, mayhem and all things between. It’s been a wild ride so far and we keep on pushing for that new creative peak. We’re all pumped for our next single ‘Decimated days’ which is written about denial and the cycle of addiction to Heroin and Crystal Meth.

What does the band’s writing and recording process look and sound like? Doc: We really try to experiment and get wild in the studio. For ‘Therapy Song’ we smashed shotloads of glass, slammed pieces of metal and steel together and effed round with the speed of different shit.

What was it like working with Adam Jordan at Main Street Studios? What musical equipment, instruments and programs does the band use live and in-studio? Doc: Adam is our homeboy, it’s always rad as hell to cut loose together. He has a heap of sic amps n shit at his studio, but I think I was using this lil messed up battery powered orange amp that had been half eaten by a wild dog for the guitar parts on ‘Decimated days’. It had a really effed up sound which we all thought was fuckrad. At the moment we all are experimenting with anything we can get our hands on. Adam has a Stylophone pocket synth which is fuckwild to mess around on. It’s the same effect used in Bowies ‘Space oddity’

What went into the making of the music video for ’Therapy Song’? Doc: Two iphone 6’s, A dress, Stockings, Eye liner, Mascara, Whisky, Razors….Basically, a lot of chicks makeup stuff I can’t remember the name of and commitment to the concept.

What hobbies and activities do the band’s members enjoy outside of music? Doc: Art, Skating, Smoking hot babes, Partying, Exploring our will to be wild, Theatre and Alby is a lil obsessed with scientific theories.

Aside from the release of your album, what else does the beginning of 2016 hold in store for Chemical Refugee, musically-speaking? Doc: Musically speaking, we will be releasing my personal favourite track at the moment ‘The red light district’ …Which will be f*ckrad.

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