With their catchy leads and groovy bass lines, China Fox has emerged out of the Boston music scene with a unique sound. With a new video released for their single, “Party,” we were blown away by how catchy China Fox’s tunes were. China Fox consists of seven members: two female vocalists, a keyboard player, a drummer, two guitarists, and a bassist. Certain styles were reminiscent of 90’s pop, but at the same time, the eclectic styles of each band member bring something different to the table, making China Fox the perfect idea of a ‘new sound’ that we want to hear more of! We asked front woman, Candy Mabra few questions about her band China Fox and what they’re all about!

Entertwine: What inspired you to get into the pop/R&B scene?

Candy Mabra: I’ve been listening to that style of music forever. I love the light-hearted yet raw vibe those styles can create when brought together and have always wanted to make a name for myself with those genres in mind. I guess I was inspired by how much fun they can be while still upholding whatever kind of message you want to portray to a mainstream audience.

ET: What kind of styles do all of your bandmates bring to the table to make this group diverse?

CM: When you bring musicians together from different backgrounds and parts of the country, diversity is inevitable. Everyone in the band has a soft spot and pretty extensive knowledge of 90s R&B and Hip Hop music. We’ve got a big Latin, Blues, Classic Rock, Gospel and Pop influence in what we do, which brings the sound you hear to fruition.

ET: How has the music scene in your hometown of Boston influenced you all as artists?

CM: It’s definitely made me more self-aware and motivated to always be growing and moving into a better version of myself musically. From a business side of things, living in Boston, where the music scene is honestly over-saturated with musicians, makes you figure out what the music consumer needs or wants more or less of. At this point, I’ve played shows with just about every kind of band and artist under the sun and whether I like it or not, they’ve influenced my performance and musical style.

ET: What is the story behind the name China Fox

CM: My ethnicity is half Caucasian and half Vietnamese. I guess because I’m “ethnically mysterious,” no one in my high school knew what I was. They all took it upon themselves to choose. One of my high school friends falsely assumed I was Chinese and decided to call me “China Fox.” The name just stuck and has worked ever since.


ET: Which artists would you say influence your sound the most?

CM: As far as songwriting goes, I would say Stevie Wonder is my biggest influence. When it comes to vocal production, probably Mariah Carey. I learned how to sing from listening to all of her records in my room growing up. I really just appreciate great quality music, whether or not it’s in the same vein as my sound. My strongest current influences are Ariana Grande, Frank Ocean, Ja Rule, Biggie Smalls, Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake, but then I love listening to piano sonatas by Beethoven. So it just depends on what mood I’m in.

ET: What new material are you preparing for listeners over the remaining months of 2013?

CM: There are 5 additional tracks besides the “Party” single. They will all be available for free download by the end of the month. They are all very different from each other, while still maintaining a cohesive sound. I would say the rest of the tracks get much deeper into the 90s style and have a super apparent influence and reference individually.

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