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Chris Jane is a Singer/Songwriter and Actress. She’s been featured in motion picture films, television network productions, and print publications such as American Idol, Law & Order SVU,The Bounty Hunter, Brooklyn’s Finest,The Wire, The Good Wife, Maxim/FHM. She is actively recording her upcoming album “Girl No. 6” set to release later this year, and we got to exclusively get a peek right here on Entertwine.

Entertwine: You’re an actress that has been featured in television programs and feature films such as Law & Order: SVU, The Wire, The Bounty Hunter, The Good Wife, and Brooklyn’s Finest, among others, while also actively recording an album (“Girl No. 6”, scheduled for release later this year); how are you able to lead such a hectic, demanding lifestyle? Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities outside of music and acting?

Chris Jane: One day at a time. When I’m not working on music or doing something to further my career I actually still try to stay in my creative zone. A lot of my close friends are musicians so we are always doing something. Even if it’s a night of Karaoke just for fun. No singing competitions…(ha!).

ET: Could you tell us a bit about your background? Where are you originally from?

Chris Jane: Well I’m the product of a pretty interesting union in my opinion. My dad originally from Nigeria and my mom from Iowa. They met in Virginia where I was born. I grew up northern VA just outside of DC. But we also moved to a much smaller town in southern va called Fredericksburg before high school. So I feel like I’ve got a little country side as well as city vibe to me.

ET: Could you tell us about some of your most exciting or interesting live performances to date?

Chris Jane: Well one of my most interesting performances was when I auditioned for American Idol. It was the 3rd audition before they advanced me to Hollywood week. You know the one with Simon, Paula and Randy. Before you see them you go through two auditions with producers. Most people don’t realize that. It was funny because I wasn’t nervous at all. It was kind of a blur but they loved me. Even Simon. I kind of expected him to be more difficult to impress. I sang Alicia Keys “Fallin” I just remember him saying ” I think you’re very marketable and I like you” in his British accent, then him smiling and winking lol. I ran out the room all excited and I slammed into the door that didn’t open. Kind of embarrassing , but very funny.

ET: What inspired the direction of the music video for your single ‘The Only One’? How did this opportunity come to pass, and what was it like filming this music video?

Chris Jane: The direction was actually an idea that came from my video director Nicole Pinedo. She’s so amazing and also one of my best friends. We had been talking about ideas for the video and then she sent over the treatment and I was like “Yes I LOVE this!” She knows my style and how I want my visuals to look so it was a no brainer. Shooting the video was awesome. I was so happy to make the idea come to life. It’s a long process , but when I’m shooting I feel completely in my element. I knew it was exactly where I was supposed to be. I’m really excited about the next couple videos Nicole and I have planned. Shooting another one real soon actually 🙂


ET: What is the overall message of the tracks featured on your upcoming release (“Girl No. 6”)? Does the album title have special meaning or significance? How would you describe how the album sounds musically?

Chris Jane: Girl No. 6 is going to take you on a journey of my love life, personal struggles and how I found and myself after I felt I had lost direction in my life. I named it Girl No. 6 because I had 6 years of self discovery. Lessons I learned and one day I looked back and realized 6 years later how much everything had changed. Plus 6 has always been a lucky number to me. The album is going to be a mixture of sounds. I guess you could call it pop/r&b . It’s hard to explain with words. That why you just need to listen. I’m also channeling some retro 80’s vibes on a few records. Because really that’s my favorite music of all time.

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Chris Jane?

Chris Jane: The rest of 2014 will mainly be full of work , work and more work. Shooting some visuals and more work 🙂

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