Born in 1992 in Portugal, Christian Dee is a Singer, Songwriter and a Producer. His music can be labeled as electronic pop, with dance elements and strong organic influences. Christian Dee got into music at a very early age; he studied classical music, which led him to start playing different instruments as guitar and piano, and started writing his own songs. Based in London since 2013, he focused on developing and refining his musical skills, experiencing the production side too; in early 2014 he recorded some of his original songs for a debut EP, releasing the first single “All the Same” with a music video during the summer. His whole EP “Raise your Voice” was released with a second music video for the single “Wrong Way” in October. At the moment he is performing live in various British music venues and working on his second EP. Christian’s music is strongly influenced by British pop; his electro pop background and influences such as “Calvin Harris”, “Example” and “Justin Timberlake” contributed to create songs with memorable melody, and lyrics are developed around deep contents. He is a professional and motivated artist, with a strong personality and his ambition has always led him to his goals achievement. We had the chance to interview the talented Christian Dee this past week and get to know his musical past, present and future.

Entertwine: Thanks for sitting down with us! First off, could you tell us a bit about your background? When did you begin writing and performing music?

Christian Dee: Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been surrounded by music, so therefore I started at quite an early age. Initially, as a child I played Saxophone and Clarinet, although, the crucial point for me was when I started to play Guitar. That was the moment when I got into the world of songwriting and music production.
Thence, I decided to go and study classical music on a conservatory. During those few years I have had the chance to play in different bands of various music styles, and that inevitably had an influence on my songwriting and the way I see and make music.

ET: You were born in Portugal correct? How long did you live there? You are based out of London, now, correct? What is it like living in London?

CD: Yes, I’m originally from Portugal. Two years ago, when I finished my Classical music studies, I moved to London in order to study Songwriting at the University and to start working on my career. I find London being a great place to live in, especially as a musician. Of course, sometimes I miss a bit of that nice Portuguese weather and some of my friends and family, but I definitely think that moving here was the wisest decision I’ve made so far. There is something quite magical about London that`s why I really like to live here.

ET: What is the music scene of London like? Are there any other artists or acts from London that you’ve been thoroughly impressed by?

CD: I would say the music scene is absolutely incredible here.
Being a student in a music college gives me the opportunity to meet many talented people on a daily basis.
There is definitely many entrepreneur artists out there that, I believe, deserve a chance to get heard by a bigger audience. London is a massive music city and I would say, besides the big acts, there is also plenty of new upcoming talent to be discovered.


ET: What life experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your debut EP (“Raise Your Voice”)? Could you walk us through each of the featured tracks?

CD: Sure. The whole EP was written over the last year here in London. All the tracks have different messages, different concepts and all of them were inspired by real life experiences and events. The first track of the EP is called ‘All The Same’ and I wrote the whole lyrics of the song when I was in the Underground going to the University. London is quite a multicultural city and the idea of people coming from very different cultural backgrounds, sharing the same place at the same time, such as the tube, gave me the idea to write the song. ‘Wrong Way’ is a song about the situation when you are trying to say something but no one seems to be willing to hear what you have to say. ‘Back In Time’ is a song that most people could probably relate to. It’s about the feeling of wishing we could have something as a time machine, to go back in time and to do some things differently. One way or the other, we’ve all been there. Its also about telling the person you love, how important they are for you and what you’d be willing to do for them. ‘Raise Your Voice’, just like the title suggests is a song about following your dreams and standing up for yourself and what you believe in.  I wanted my debut EP to be as true as possible and have a positive message. I think songs should be based on real stories as those real feelings at the end always seem to come across in the songs. I’m quite satisfied with this EP and I’m already looking forward to record my next one!

ET: What was it like filming the music videos for your songs ‘All the Same’ and ‘Wrong Way’? What about filming the live take of ‘All the Same’?

CD: It was quite a good experience I should say! Both of them were shot in London and they both had a completely different themes and mood. ‘ All the Same’ was the first music video and it was literally my introduction to the whole ‘cameras world’. We were trying to make a video that would represent union and cultural diversity, which is the main message of the track. We had a lot of people coming over and participating in that video, so we end up having loads of fun since we also had to throw a party in order to shoot some scenes for the last part of the video. ‘Wrong Way’ had a much more serious vibe while filming, because the goal was to make a more dramatic, more genuine video compared to the previous one.  It was also the first time someone gave me a script and made me actually act in front of a camera. Both of them were terrific experiences and If I`ll have the opportunity, I’m definitely looking forward to make more music videos for my next releases.

ET: Who are your biggest musical influences? How the styles, sounds, and textures of these artists, acts, and producers weave their way into your original compositions?

CD: I really admire Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams not only from the songwriting point of view, but also because all their tracks have such great groovy beats. Also the music production in their tracks is fantastic. Then I really like Dub FX for his very rhythmical top lines and the was he uses technology when performing. In terms of lyrics I really respect Eminem, because of how meaningful they are.

ET: Do you have any upcoming touring plans at the moment?IMG_3153B_W

CD: I don’t have any major touring plans at the moment, however I intend to continue to play live around London, while I work on my second EP.

ET: If you could write with any three artists, who would you choose? Why?

CD: I would definitely like to co-write with Pharrell, because as I said before, I really like him as a songwriter and producer., because I`m a big fan of what he was doing with Black Eyed Peas, and because his songs are very catchy. And also Rudimental, I really like their last album, I love the production.

ET: What musical equipment and instruments were used in the making of your debut EP?

CD: As I do mainly electronic music so most of the EP was made on a computer. Programming drums, using synthesizers and effects. However, we also recorded some real instrumets, for example drums, which we recorded in an indoor skate park, because of the natural echo and reverb. And acoustic guitar parts, claps and vocals were also recorded.

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Christian Dee? How are you MARKETING your debut EP now that is has been released to the public?

CD: It feels great to have my EP finally released. I`m getting a lot of support from many people, responding to my posts on social media, going to my gigs. My songs have been played on a radio and that was a very strange but at the same time fantastic feeling for me. I do promote my EP by getting in touch with various music blogs, and doing gigs. For the remaining months of this year I will continue to play gigs and most importantly write songs for the next release.


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