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Christian Farrar is rapper from the skirts of Atlanta. He has been doing shows and releasing solo music since he was 14, he has also done some production work for a few local rappers. He just released his first full length solo mixtape in 4 years, Kaizen is more of a showcase of his talent than a conceptual work, hopefully it will grab some ears, and open some doors.

Entertwine: How have you grown and matured over the past four years as an artist and engineer What inspired you to begin writing and releasing your own music?

Christian Farrar: Well, I had to really learn how to rap and produce hip hop songs, I started out by making EDM, and it’s a little bit of transition from EDM to hip hop, you know you have to really strip down instrumentals to make them good to go, you have to rely on your flow more than the instruments. I guess what inspired me to release my own songs is my love for all music, I’m always listening to music and theres just those certain songs that makes you want to make music. Like if my music could inspire and influence people the way I’ve been inspired, how cool would that be?

This is your first full-length release, correct? What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of this mixtape?

Correct, well I had recently moved to Boston to work for this chef I really looked up to, he was a [expletive], and I got fired and had to move back home, and basically ended up exactly where I started, but I wanted to do something different, I wanted to make something I was proud of, so I put my head down and really grinded out this tape.

Could you walk us through each of the featured tracks? What inspired the
naming of the album (“Kaizen”)?

The first song “Addie” is the attention grabber, hip hop fans will love that song, Iput it as the first track to get people to listen to the weirder stuff like the very next track “OH5” which samples Hank Sr’s “Lost Highway” and that ones my personal favorite on the tape, one of the most creative productions I have ever done. Then I throw a few instrumentals in there to show off those EDM production skills “Drowning Flowers” samples Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t that Peculiar” and really builds up to a great Electronica song. Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning to get better everyday, my chef in Boston preached it, I thought naming the tape that would be a sort of inside joke to myself and something that really means a lot to me.

You also do work remixing and producing other musicians, and write and
record country music on the side; how are you able to remain so dedicated to
your music?

Plain and simple, I love music with all my heart, I just want to give people music they like that has meaning to it.

What does 2015 hold in store for Christian Farrar?

Hopefully I’ll gain some buzz with Kaizen, but I’m already working on my next mixtape, Kaizen is a good introduction for me and what I’m about, but let me tell you, the next one is going to drop some jaws!

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