Chrisy Nova is a 19 year old singer/songwriter who is from New York – Freeport to be exact. He started singing back in 2009 and was soon after signed to a label that for unknown reasons, never let him see a release date for his music. Chrisy is a Scorpio – he was born October 31st 1995…we guess that’s why there is a certain dark edge to his music. His idols growing up were Marilyn Manson, Cher, Jeffree Star, Nelly Furtado, M.I.A., and Michel Buble. The only goal for himself and his music is to represent his gay community, which Chisy Nova is very involved in supporting. We interviewed Chrisy about his music, upcoming projects and more in the interview below!

Entertwine: What is it like living on Long Island? What is the music scene of your hometown like? What led you to pursue a career in music in the first place?

I really really like music, so I guess thats why I went into it – It wasn’t because I felt that I have a nice voice, it was more like, “Hey, I like music so I’m gonna do music.” Long Island is weird, I’m from Freeport where there is a lot of culture…like a lot of it. The music scene to me all sounds the same to be honest, I’m very alternative in my sound – very experimental in my music.

Could you tell us more about the experience you had with the label that signed you a few years back and then shelved you?

I hated it [being signed], I’m not against it, but I hated it. I would make song that I felt were “Top 40” songs, and they would be like, “No…you’re wrong.”  Me being 14, it took a toll on my self esteem and they caused me to have body issues. So yeah make sure to you’re at least 18 to get signed so labels.

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your first two singles ‘Belle of the Ball’ and ‘All Black’? What lyrical content is discussed within your original compositions?

Well, “Belle of the Ball” is really me just saying, “Hey!! I’m better than anyone in my town, hey i’m good enough to be a celebrity.” That’s what that song is about. “All Black” is about a party I went to and it was really fun but I noticed we all were wearing black, so yeah it’s a fun party. I feel like there are better songs on the E.P., like “Call Girl,” and “Shout Shout.”

What hobbies and activities do you enjoy outside of music?

I like fan fiction. Not making it, but reading it. I also like tweeting a lot – it’s like free therapy when you think about it!

What does 2015 hold in store for Chrisy Nova?

Lots and lots of debauchery!

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