Cirex is a Puerto Rican Electronic Musician. He also works as a ‘score’ musician for movies. Cirex is Eric Ortiz, Born in NY, raised in Puerto Rico. He has been on the local rock scene for several years until he decided to do his own music.His tunes has appeared on films, such as Taken (2008) (source Wikipedia, iMDB)., He is considered the top dubstep artist in Puerto Rico.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background?

Well, I started in a school band playing trumpet for two years, there I learn to read pentagrams. At the age of 15 I left the school band after growing listening to Nirvana, Metallica, Slayer living in Florida, and start playing guitar until 18 when I return to PR, I took the bass (it is my main instrument actually), I played in several underground bands until I join ‘Neuttro’ in 2003. 2008 I left Neuttro, health issues and I wanted to concentrate all on Cirex.

You play a number of different instruments and also program, engineer, and produce, correct?

Correct I PLAY IT ALL. Even some drums are looped, but with real drum sets that I recorded on 2009. But most of the drums are programmed by me. Synths and effects I use music softwares. Guitar and Bass obviously me. Only in the first album Wil Martin of Earshot helped me to master few songs, and Nietzsche is Dead there’s a drum recorded by Eduardo Paniagua from the band Puya.

What inspired the creation of this project; why did your time with Neuttro end?

Cirex was a hard desire of doing something that I really wanted to hear. I had a good time in Neuttro, we play big shows and here in Puerto Rico, Neuttro was in the middle, was kind of big (sometimes we play small venues, but sometimes big crowds, big stages). In 2008, after I started to believe in God, I start to believe in myself too, so I was burned with a day job, the band, girlfriend.. so I decided to leave Neuttro, and stick with Cirex creating music at my own pace.

What is it like living in Puerto Rico? What is the music scene of your hometown (Ponce) like?

Puerto Rico is small, but there’s a good rock scene, and a good electronical scene. The matter is, still over-seas, is not like, being in Florida so you can make a tour all the East Coast… But at the same time, being a small Country (well is like a US state) is more easy to be recognized just by word of mouth. Sadly, Regueaton still dominating the music industry here.

You are set to release a new album “Trialism” on the first of the new year; how will you market the album once it is digitally released?

I had most of the album ready on September, but I already released an EP on summer, so I decide add a couple of tracks, and wait until January 2 to release the album. I think is going to be one of the very first releases overall on the music market online. I did it with that purpose.

What experiences and events led to the writing and recording of this album? Could you walk us through the featured tracks?

The processs of maturity, spirituality mostly, I found myself different than 7 to 10 years ago. That’s why is called ‘Trialism” (means; spirit, body and soul), so I put a more electronic on these one than th e previous releases. I will start promoting ‘Cyber Me’, that song I made it around October, with just one chord on the guitar I feel I made an impressive riff, something like the band Candiria did few years ago..

How does this new album differ from or expand on your previous releases (“The Lab”, “Nietzsche is Dead”, and “Camera Obscura”)?

This one has a combination of the previous three. Has dubstep, but has metal as well, also hip hop. On the Lab was mostly industrial metal, Nietsche is Dead a happy medium and Camera Obscura the EP is completely a dubstep one.. So in this record you will find any kind of flavors; even dance-trance, on the track called “Extenze Liquid”

How did each of these projects assist in your growth and maturity as a musician and composer?

The process of Recording, definitively. I have adjust the ear better, know how to use the machine more professionally. As a composer, to be honest nothing has change, I just change the style, but I still creating the same energy, still composing the same way I did in 2009 with The Lab.

How will you ring in the new year? What does 2015 hold in store for Cirex?

The new year begin well, at least on the internet. Facebook recognized me as an artist giving me the verified badge, 6 Wikipedias on different languages creating by fans, something I did not had last year. What I need to do in 2015 is make a couple of live shows. But I am not putting pressure on myself. I don’t want to do a show like “hey, come on and hear my laptop play live”, no, I want to do it with a band, and I am arming the pieces for that. I hope this year Im going live. Thanks for this interview and the opportunity to be here! Peace!

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  • Bnotepr

    Cirex is awesome! Extreme madness music directly to your brain!

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    Love Cirex! Its the kind of music you would listen all day and never get tired.