Up and coming musician, Cody Tyler has had a small share of buzz around his musical talent within the past two years. This Hip Hop artist, and soon to be resident of Los Angeles released his first online single, which received over one million hits on youtube, as well as his second single “mlk” with over 100k hits in the past 2 months. Cody Tyler is gearing up to release his next national single through 101 distribution for FYE, Best Buy Online, and Pandora. This artist is on the rise to the top, and we couldn’t wait to ask him a few questions about his career!

Entertwine: How did you get your start into hip hop?

Cody Tyler: I got my start in music from writing in the mental hospital as a form of therapy and fell in love with the art of music. From there I just developed a vision for what I wanted and felt and when I was released I started attacking it and here I am.
ET: What kind of music do you produce, how would you describe it to new listeners?

CT: The music I make is what I would call very honest and real. I want people to feel my music and relate to it because I write what comes naturally from my heart. I would tell new listeners that its “heart on paper”

You’ve released multiple tracks on youtube in the past 3 years, one of which has over one million views! What was it like to have one of your songs gain so much exposure?

CT: Well I was blown away and did my happy dance LOL!!!! I was just taken back by it like I would close the window and open it back up and stare!!!! I was like yeah I can do this its mine. It encouraged me because I am the only one running this whole thing. the 2 videos my best friend Erix Mercedes did for me but other than that I do everything by myself from marketing etc.

What is one of your favorite tracks you’ve written, and why?
CT: Favorite track… Man I love all my songs but if I had to pick I would say “believe with me” which will be on my studio album debut “vessel of sacrifice”. I say its my favorite because I can see myself singing it in a packed concert and people with writing on there faces and holding hands, singing the hook ” believe with me “.

Your upcoming single, “I’m Ridin'” is set to release at the end of January. What can listeners expect to hear from this new sngle?

CT: Listeners can expect to have a song where they can relate and swag out too!! its very catchy and you feel it and it makes you feel like you are the coolest person alive no matter what age, gender, nationality etc. Its a great single!!!!

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