James Tumilty Leadbitter is a 19 year old composer for TV and Film. Working under the name Cubik8 Music, over the last year he has built up a large portfolio of work and list of clients. Some of which include celebrity author R.J Tolson, Grass Road Entertainment, Sanitarium Magazine and Five3Film. Inspired by artist such as Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Newman, his sounds are a mixture of ambient and epic. Releasing four albums already, he is currently working on two more for release this year. 

Entertwine: When did you get your start in music? Was it always something you really wanted to pursue?

Cubik8: I started to professionally compose music for film and TV from the age of 16, at a young age I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and didn’t really have much hope for a career. However being able to do something I love in a stress free environment means that it’s the best job ever; and yes, music has always played a large role in my life from a very early age, it’s what makes life enjoyable and special.

ET: What attracted you to start composing for TV and Film at such a young age? How do you feel this has worked to your advantage?

C: Mainly the way the music in movies makes me feel, even though there are no lyrics, it can still convey a lot of emotion and power. I think that Its helped me by being able to understand the power and effects of music better and how it can be used to convey the emotion of a scene to the audience.

ET: If you could describe your sound in a few words, what would those words be?

C: Ambient, Chilled, Atmospheric, Epic, Adventurous

ET: Why did you gravitate toward this genre?

C: I really enjoyed listening to it anyway, and therefore had a very good understanding of how it sounds and the techniques used in producing it.

ET: What do you believe that you bring to the table over all the other artists in such a large genre? 

C: I don’t stick to a specific sound or group of instruments, I like to experiment with the instruments and the sounds they produce, often mixing electronic sounds with classical instruments and creating something that is futuristic and yet also present.

ET: Who are some of your influences when it comes to being a musician and composer?

C: There are a lot I could mention but the main ones are, Two Steps From Hell, Thomas Newman, The Secession, and Chicane.

ET: Tell us a little bit about your newer sounds – you’re currently working on an album release (possibly more than one). What can listeners expect?

C: My latest album that I’m working on is mainly ambient and chilled pieces. I’ve been working with some singers and instrumentalist’s lately to create some amazing sounds, which I’m looking forward to sharing very soon. So listeners can expect to hear 60 minutes of unique cinematic music and fade away into a world of dreams.

ET: What is one of the more memorable live performances you’ve had? What about it made it so special?

C: The most memorable live performance yet would have to be a few years back, before I was composing music full time, its kind of hard to explain but lets just say it involved latex hot pants, a bowtie and the song Danger Danger High Voltage by Electric Six.

ET: What main message do you both strive to get across to your listeners through your music? Why?

C: That anything is possible through music, it can give you hope and it can make you cry but its always there when you need it. Mainly because without music the world would be a less happy place.

ET: What is next for you in 2014? Any new releases, videos, or tours?

C: I have a long list of ideas for the rest of the year. But the main plans for this year include releasing 3 or 4 new music videos. Release the upcoming album “The Journey” on iTunes and continue to compose for TV and Film. Maybe even one day being able to work for well known film companies such as Universal or Warner Brothers.

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