DaGeneral is a DJ that has enjoyed rocking dance floors all over Scotland since the late 90’s. He has been a versatile DJ across a broad range of genres over the years before settling into being predominantly a Techno DJ & Producer. Having been involved in playing at events over the years including a guest set at Judgement Day and Sensations (Glasgow) as a monthly resident. Since being in a coma in 2011 DaGeneral came back stronger than ever running “This Is Techno Live” radio show which now airs live monthly on ClubbinHeaven247 with Jon The Dentist & Nicky Demain. And running the club night Progress which went live in a real castle in Scotland in June 2014 including some great talent from the UK including international Dj “Mohamed Medhat” from Ambizi Records. We caught up with DaGeneral to ask him about his journey in music, and what he has to offer in the near future.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and give us some insight into your musical background? What is the significance of your stage name?

DaGeneral: Music when I was younger was the surge of Dance music sweeping across the country.  I was took into it quite quickly due to my uncle “Mike C” (Equinox, Fantazia) being one of the pioneers of house in the north east of Scotland.  You could probably guess back then, that there was a chance I would end up being a DJ/Producer or Promoter.  I have went through various styles since the late 90’s before settling into a Techno based sound.  The name DaGeneral was placed from friends back then and has stuck ever since.

ET: What inspires you to create music in the first place? How have you been able to create on such a consistent basis?

DaGeneral: Is all about motivation, in this industry you have to keep working hard, and learn from the knock backs that you will get over the years.  I have a good set of musical friends around me that keep me motivated and advise me where needed.  On a weekly basis I am constantly in contact with Jon The Dentist, Mike C, Jay M, ED E.T. and Mark E.G.  These guys have been about over the years and the wisdom and support they give me is priceless.  To keep consistent is the key you can’t stop in this industry.  Every morning you must wake up and think about your next production, next promotion, or prepare for your next event.

ET: Can you tell us about having the opportunity to perform at festivals, venues, and events all around Scotland (especially Glasgow) and the United Kingdom since 1997?

DaGeneral: You have to grab that opportunity when is arises.  Glasgow was good fun and the atmosphere there is awesome.  That started a few years back when a friend of mine Ian McNab offered me a residency at one of his promotions back then.  Of course I grabbed the opportunity instantly and had a lot of fun.  Moving forward I am happy to say that branching out of Scotland is also key, with the Tribal Grooves gig in Dublin (23rd August) and waiting to hear back on dates for a gig in Germany to 100,000 people.   I don’t just expect the luck however, I am constantly moving things forward with my own promotion “This Is Techno Live” which I run with Nick D.  We have a monthly radio night running with features guests each month, and have now pushed into it having its own club night.

ET: You were in a coma in 2011; how did this happen, and what did this experience teach you, both personally and musically?

DaGeneral: I had a 14 foot fall leaving me in a serious condition with severe brain trauma, and the surrounding issues that come with it.  I was induced in a coma to let myself heal on the hope they wouldn’t have to go ahead with surgery.  Fortunately I made a full recovery.  The main issue I had was confidence at the back of this, which caused a 3 year gap before I ever thought about spinning a tune or installing a DAW to make new music.  The main thing it has taught me now is you get one chance in life! So if there is something you want to achieve go get it, the only thing stopping you is yourself.

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for DaGeneral? Do you have any live performances or studio dates booked so far?

DaGeneral: Yeah keeping busy with the new imprint “General Surgery” which is a new brand promoted and created by myself and Jon The Dentist.  The record label is ready to roll we have the releases sorted out for the next 6 months and have a brilliant pool of talent that we have signed on already. www.thegeneralsurgery.co.uk

In between the label stuff I have plenty bookings, radio session and releases coming out.


Saturday 16th August – UNEEK, Mains Castle, Dundee.

Saturday 23rd August – Tribal Grooves, Turks Head, Dublin.

Saturday 8th November – Rise Of The Ravers, Ice Factory, Perth

Saturday 15th November – This Is Techno Live, BeatGenerator Live, Dundee

Radio Sessions:

First friday of each month I feature on “This Is Techno Live” and do guest mixes for other radio sessions when I find the time.


DaGeneral – The Fall EP (Redbox Records) – 12th August

DaGeneral – The Screams (General Surgery Records) – 1st September

DaGeneral & BlackWhye – Impact (Ambizi Records) – ? September

DaGeneral – Joining Of Forces (Fieramente Records) – ? September

DaGeneral & ED209 – Kick IT (Life Sentence Records) – ? October

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