Dario Black’s music is rooted in pop, electronica and anchored in Latin grooves with a refreshing vibe that’s giving way to this rising act in the U.S. and beyond.
Today, Dario is the voice of a new generation of artists who believes in making quality music. Adding to that momentum, appearances include festivals, clubs and other venues throughout Southern California that have placed Dario on the stage with everyone from recording artists such as Lil Kim to Andres Cuervo.
Making appearances at music industry events such as the Billboard Latin Conference & Music Awards and networking with esteemed colleagues such as bachata singer Prince Royce, pop crooner Enrique Iglesias and romantic balladeer David Bisbal, Dario is also looking to conquer is dreams. Dario’s upcoming single “Fire of Love” is slated for release in February 5, 2015 and will reintroduce Dario to more audiences as he takes the stage.

Who or what inspires you to create music? What is the main lyrical theme of much of your music?

I am inspired by love. I feel we need more love out there; more love in our lyrics and our music. I feel love is something that is bigger than us, and that’s what I write & sing about.

What was it like growing up in Colombia and Venezuela? What is it like living in Los Angeles? What has it been like playing within that scene?

I grew up between both countries. Some of our music has a mix of tribal sounds, so I grew up dancing to that and listening to 90’s music, which is what my new material is about. I live in Los Angeles, and it is a crazy fun city to live in. Being in LA is been great exposure for me. I performed at the biggest street party in the world last October during halloween, and I got to share my new music with thousands of people.


What was it like recording your upcoming single “Fire of Love’?

When I wrote “Fire of Love,” my goal was to give people that good energy & strength they need – to inspire them to go for their dreams. There is so many people in the world who are not following their passion and have fear to chase their dreams. I want this to be the track that the world listens when they need encouragement, love, & joy in their hearts.

What is your favorite social networking platform? Why? 

I love Instagram. I love the fact that you can share your experiences with the world through photos.

What does 2015 hold in store for Dario Black? Do you have any upcoming performances? 

In 2015 I will be releasing my first single “Fire of Love” on Feb 5, 2015…so look out for that. Also, I will be releasing my new EP, “S.M.L (sex, money, love),” later this year. I recently had my first acoustic show with BMI in January, too. Visit darioblack.com to find out on new show announcements for 2015.

Connect With Dario Black:
www.twitter/instagram at darioblackmusic

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