JT Nebeker is the face behind DAZE.  JT was born in Mission Viejo, CA, and as a boy he had learned piano, but surprisingly he never really enjoyed music like he did when he played the bass.  The freedom he felt was addicting.  al quality.  This is where DAZE was born. JT started DAZE in his basement and he has only seen growth not only is his career, but also in the quality of his music. DAZE is passion, talent, and hard work all rolled into one. Enjoy our interview with this talented artist below!

ET: What is your music background like? Were you always drawn to the concept of electronic music?

DAZE: Not always.  As a young boy I grew learning piano from my mother.  Later on, I was put in a private school where music credits were required so I started playing the trumpet in the middle school, then the high school band.  I didn’t particularly enjoy either of these musical experiences, but they definitely built a solid foundation for my music career whether I knew it then or not.

It wasn’t until during my first year of college that I picked up an electric bass and really fell in love with music.  The freedom to play what I wanted without teachers or parents telling me what to practice really was eye opening.  Shortly there after, I joined an indie rock group called Junior Giant and played bass with them for many years.

While I was playing with Junior Giant I took a day job at a local production music studio and met Ryan Boud.  He became my mentor and really taught me how to compose music electronically.  He showed me how much I could do on my own and that is what really brought me into the world of electronic music.

ET: Who are some of your influences when writing and/or playing and why? Do you feel that these influences are channeled through your music?

DAZE:  I have a lot of musical influences!  I am always looking for new music to inspire my creativity… what did Picasso say….? “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” I love The Beatles, Skrillex, Nirvana.  I’m really into Cage the Elephant’s new album, they do some cool things!  What I am really drawn to is artists who are just being themselves.  Who are confident in their abilities.

ET: If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be? Why?

DAZE:  “From the Soul” ha ha ha… I know that’s a little cheesy…. but like I said before.. I just try to be myself when I’m writing.  I’ve always found that I’m at my best creatively when I go into a writing session with no pre-conceived notion of what I want to write…… I just let the inspiration carry the process.

ET: Tell us a bit about your latest songs. Which would you say really encapsulates your sound the most and why?

DAZE:  I am really into ‘Don’t Let Me Go”.  Its a fun upbeat track with a great groove and feel.  And that’s really what I try to do with a lot of my songs, get the groove feeling right!  I usually start with the beat on most of my tracks.  I love making drums… sometimes I’ll spend all day just making 4 bar drum loops.  Get the groove right and everything else falls into place!

ET: What are your plans for 2014? Tours? Releases? Etc?

DAZE: I am releasing my single ‘Don’t Let Me Go” later this year, so keep your ears peeled!  Also, I will be scoring a horror film coming up this summer which I am pretty stoked on!  And I’m moving back out to Los Angeles at the end of this summer! Busy busy busy!  

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