DC Capital is a young, talented and hungry rapper coming out of Tucson, Arizona. Once i started to listened to his latest project ‘CAP2: Only God Can Judge Me’ i truly began to realize how much work and effort has been put into his “mixtape” (in my opinion it sounds more like a album, but we wont get into specifics). This work of art as a whole is very clean and enjoyable to listen to, because of this we had to track down Mr. Capital to ask him a few questions about who he is and what more we can expect from him.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What is the significance of your stage name?

I grew up listening to a range of music though I always gravitated towards Hip-Hop. I listened to a lot of Eminem, Lil Wayne, Cassidy and T.I. just like any other child would growing up in that era, but even early on in my life I was interested in a lot of older artist like 2pac, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, Bone Thugs, Nas, Wu-Tang, ect. I feel like those artist made me into the artist I am today more so then the more modern artist did, the older artist had more meaning in there music and I wanted to craft my stage name around those ideas. My government name is Daegan Carey, when abbreviated my name is D.C. I had always really been into politics so I liked the idea of the name ‘DCtheCapitol” but the name needed meaning so I changed the “O” in the word capitol to a “A”, which changes the meaning of the word into meaning a type of currency. So if broken down “DCtheCapital” reads Daegan Carey the money, signifying that I am my own currency and that I don’t need any other mans form of currency to be rich, I only need myself to be a wealthy individual. Later I shortened my name into “DC Capital” to make it simpler and more marketable.

What is it like living in Tucson, Arizona? What is the music scene of Tucson / Phoenix like?

It lacks leadership, its polluted with low level artist that saturate the market and make it hard for others to stand out. Situations like that can be a double edged sword because it does leave a spot open for a person to come up and become that needed leader, but at the same time with no one at the top to help anyone up it becomes a grass root process.

What life experiences and events influenced the writing and recording of “CAP2: Only God Can Judge Me”? Could you walk us through each of the featured tracks?10407334_1489200524692888_8153207823029317114_n

God was a huge inspiration and influence,  my daughter and past situations with my mother where also huge influences on the lyrics. Making music can be a grate way to obtain a reflection of whats going on in the artist life, I was really broke and had a lot to prove while making this project so those kind of subject matters are scattered threw out the project for sure. As far as a track by track breakdown on the events that contributed to the creation of this collection of songs, your going to have to listen to them to find out I guess.

How does this latest release differ from or expand on the original release within the “CAP” series?

I feel like the first CAP was put together during a time in my life where I had to dedicate myself to my music. While I was creating Only God Can Judge Me there was a new level of dedication to my music that I was experiencing, so it was only appropriate to label it as a sequel to the original CAP mixtape.

What does 2015 hold in store for DC Capital? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

I’m working on a lot for next year! I will have a group project coming out sometime soon. TG-$lapz and I are putting together a collaborative EP. There is also a solo mixtape that I’m recording right now so people can expect to hear much more from me in 2015. We have everything from new songs and new apparel, to new performances and new music videos coming your way soon!

Connect With DCtheCapital:
DATPIFF LINK: http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=666765
FACEBOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DC-Capital/353174671473886?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
TWITTER LINK: https://twitter.com/DCtheCapital
SOUNDCLOUD LINK: https://soundcloud.com/dcthecapital

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