Dead Bouquet is a rock trio from Italy that expresses mystical and nocturne atmospheres through moors of eclectic psychedelia, sealed by distortions from a twelve string acoustic guitar and characterized by folk, Celtic and boundary sonorities, hanging in balance between light and darkness. They have been playing together since summer of 2012, performing in some of the most relevant clubs in Rome and surroundings, furthermore participating to LazioWave festival at Isola Tiberina. They immediately decided to register their debut album, As Far As I Know, with the contribution of Paul Kimble, formal bass player from Grant Lee Buffalo, in the role of producer and additional musician. The recording sessions for As Far As I Know have taken place in Italy, at SoundClub Recording Studio. The band will be on the road very soon for their debut album’s promotion. Read on to learn more about Dead Bouquet!

Entertwine: How did you all meet and begin writing music and performing together? What is the significance of the band’s name?

It all started in 2012… Carlo had a lot of songs and wanted to work in a trio, we found a very good sound and balance and then we decided to call Paul Kimble to record our debut album. We took the name from an unforgettable Grant Lee Buffalo’s song, Fuzzy. A song that means a lot to us.

What is life like in Rome, Italy? What can you tell us about the music scene of Rome?

Rome is a beautiful city, probably the most beautiful city you’ll ever see, but it’s just like every other big city… chaotic, frenetic… you know.

The music scene is poor, things are better in the north of Italy and in the center Europe, probably because it’s easy to tour there.
Anyway, we have some cool music here.

What events and experiences inspired the writing and recording of your full-length album “As Far As I Know”? Could you tell us about each of the 13 featured tracks? What inspired the album’s artwork?

Well, a lot of events and experiences. Carlo has a singer-songwriter approach so, there’s a lot of real life in the album. A lot of feelings and of course, his imagery.

The Dam was the first song we played during our first rehearsal… obsessive bass playing and good 12-string vibes. It came out really well. The Dam could be recognized like the band’s trademark.

Little Thing: audiences loves it when we play it live. We have some great backing vocals by Paul Kimble here. It could have been the first single.

My Baby and I: Carlo wrote it during an unlucky trip to the northern Europe.
A night song, with unusual chords. One of our favourites.

Curse: one of the oldest songs on the album. The 12-string sounds really good here, as well as the distorted bass. It found new life with this arrangement.Cover album As Far As I Know

As Far As I Know: a good love song. Love songs are the most difficult to write… and we think with “As Far As I Know” we wrote a good one.

Barking at my Gate: Folk and Rock music for an obscure tune… Of course is one of our favourites.

Haven’t You Said It? We love the ’50s/’60s vibes of the song… Paul did a great job here. It’s one of the best when it comes to play live shows.

A Night On A Red Sofa: people love it. It’s a bittersweet song, which tells about a french girl… we really love the “foggy” production in this one. That’s exactly what we were looking for.

And It Flows: a “classic” Dead Bouquet song. 12-string acoustic and distorted guitars that show you the band’s imagery.

Nobody’s Sky: the single. Paul had no doubt about that. It’s a Rock tune with oneiric atmospheres and loud 12-string guitars!

Sur La Garonne: one of the best on the album. A love song that follows the Garonne river… from Toulouse to Bordeaux. Dobro guitar and great backing vocals by Paul on the grand finale.

Way Back Then: Paul loves it. He said about it: “it’s like having a holiday on another planet”. Well, we think he’s right.

Stories is just Dead Bouquet at their best. The mood, the lyrics and the imagery and a howling 12-string guitar at the end.
It’s the perfect finale for “As Far As I Know”.

Regarding the album’s artwork… it’s a photo of a good friend of us. He shot it in London and we all agree that the picture well represents the mood of the record.


Could you tell us about the recording process for this particular album? What was it like working with Fabio De Angelis (drums) at SoundClub Recording Studio? Paul Kimble mixed the album in Seattle, Washington as well, correct?

We recorded it mostly live in the studio. Everything was fantastic and we had a really great time working and laughing a lot with Paul. Such a great guy.
Fabio is an old time friend of the band, we worked hard with him to record our first record and he did a great job. The SoundClub Recording Studio is like home to us. Ernesto, the owner, is a really good friend.DSC_0186 (1)

Carlo, what does a typical writing session of yours look and sound like?

I just embrace my 12-string acoustic guitar and I let the inspiration flow.
I never try to write when I’m not inspired. I need it to be true. It’s all my life, after all. I love to write with an acoustic guitar… it’s like being in the raw.

What went into the making of the music video for ‘Nobody’s Sky’? How was the video conceptualized and who did you work with to complete this visual project?

We didn’t have a script for that video, we just went to a mountain near Rome and tried to re-create that oniric atmosphere of the song.
Emanuele Caponera did a good job, we are happy about it.

What other Italian artists are you all currently listening to? Are there any American artists that particularly intrigue you as well?

Sacri Cuori is probably the best Italian act now. Lo Spinoso is very good as well. There are a lot American artists that are important to us, there was a lot of great music until the mid 90’s American music is really important to us… from the old blues to Neil Young & Crazy Horse, from Thin White Rope to Grant Lee Buffalo… a lot of great, great music.

What does 2015 hold in store for Dead Bouquet?

A new video, a new tour and then, who knows? A second album? Probably in 2016!

Connect With Dead Bouquet:
Streaming: https://soundcloud.com/deadbouquet
Fan Page: www.facebook.com/deadbouquet.net
Bandcamp: http://deadbouquet.bandcamp.com

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