Singer, songwriter Denny Scott grew up in Florida, moved to LA for music. He & twin brother Kenny were in the band Swirl 360 and had a few top 40 hits. Their songs were in movies like: Van Wilder, Never Been Kissed, Jack Frost, etc. Denny branched out on his own & started Rock Paper Pistols. He has been getting rave reviews with his single, “Thief”. This 2nd solo EP has been a long time coming and does not disappoint. My Girlfriend’s a Killer is lyrical genius and Love Sick Storms will have you playing it on repeat, picturing yourself in a romantic movie. You Like to Fake It will have you feeling angry at the YouTube generation and Thief’s chorus will be stuck in your head all day. Enjoy our interview with Denny below!

Entertwine: What is your musical background like? When did you and your brother, Kenny start writing music?

Denny Scott: When we were kids, our uncle gave us some of his records.  Plus, our Dad would buy us records all the time.  The Beatles, Mammas & Papas, Elton John, Kiss,…  I liked Elvis, but he did not write his own songs.  Something about the Beatles being a band and writing their own songs was important to me.   It got me started in wanting to play guitar and write songs.  As I go older, I loved a lot the stuff they played on the radio and MTV at the time.   I loved the Police.  They were a huge influence on me.  I related to their musical style, songs, and the way Sting would sing without vibrato.  In high school, U2 was a huge influence on me as well.  In 1987, Ken and I met the band, The Outfield.  The guitarist, John, who died recently sad to say, encouraged us to start writing songs.  We had a band at the time, but we just did covers.  Since I was the guitar player, I just started writing.  We cut our first demo a few months later.  In 1997, we were signed to Mercury/Polygram as Swirl 360.
ET: Obviously it must have been very rewarding having the music that you both wrote together featured in a few large picture films! What did this mean to you both, why didn’t you continue together?

DS: It’s incredible!  To have one of your songs help create a moment in a film is so thrilling.   It’s definitely helped get us fans.  Plus, they get so attached to the song because they relate so much to that moment in the movie.  It’s awesome to get emails from fans saying how much they love our song because it was apart of a movie.  The songs we have in film will live on longer than we will.  Pretty cool to think about.

As for Ken and I separating, we always do music together.  Just not right now.  After 20 years, 6 record deals, 2 band names, multiple managers, touring all the time,…  It would always start great and then end with the label running out of money.  Our first record was killed by the merger with Universal buying Polygram.  It was just time to do something else.  Plus, he moved to Seattle and I moved back to Florida.  He has  a really nice studio and wants to be more in producer mode.  I have all these songs written that never really fit into Swirl so I started Rock Paper Pistols so I could get those songs out of me and out into the world.

ET: What does Rock Paper Pistols stand for? What do you strive to pull from this experience? How is it different than playing with your brother?

DS: Nothing!  LOL  Our last record deal in 2008, we changed our name to Echo Jet because we wanted a fresh start at radio, the industry, and building new fans.  Rock Paper Pistols was name I threw in the hat as a joke when we were coming up with names.  I really liked the name, so when Echo Jet ended, I used Rock Paper Pistols for my solo stuff that I started recording.  RPP allows me to be me.   It gives me the freedom to write what I want without having to worry about what the input of my brother would be.  It let’s me put a little more edge to my music than what Swirl was.
ET: Your upcoming single, “Theif,” has been getting rave reviews – what is this song about?

DS: Going back the soundtracks.  I wanted to write a song influenced by all those great 80’s movies that I grew up with.  To me, it’s the perfect pop rock tune with all the good stuff added in.  Thief is the kind of song that I miss on the radio these days.  The songs today are way more about production and do not really have a whole lot of story to them.

ET: What can you tell us about your upcoming EP? How is it different than your past work(s)?

DS: Like I said, I am writing the kind of songs that I miss and do not hear on the radio these days.  I have no apology for letting my 80’s and 90’s influence show.  Those 2 decades gave us so much great music.  The quality of music that you don’t really hear today.  If it’s there, technology has made it super hard to find.  These songs are a bit more rock influenced than our past stuff.  You can hear it in the guitars solos.  Something we really never did before.
ET: What is next for you in 2014?

DS: Kickstarter.  I plan on raising money to finish a completed album.  Love Sick Symphonies Pt. 1 is just first half.  I plan on recording 5-6 more songs to make it complete.  We plan on doing a video for Thief and You Like To Fake It.  Plus, keep doing anything you can by building our fanbase one fan at a time.  Hopefully, they spread the word and it keeps growing.


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