Dion van Velzen (Dematiq) is a upcoming artist who lives in Amsterdam. His unique way of making melody’s make him stand out. He started producing when he was 10 years old, and took a bit of a hiatus for 3-4 years until he could really figure out who he was as a musician. At the age of 15 he got back at it, practiced a few years and released his first “Professional” track “Normality” a little over a year ago. Since then he has released a variety of electronic music, and we got to ask him about it all, how he got involved at such a young age, and more…below!

Entertwine: Could you tell us about your musical background? What does your stage name represent? What went into the creation of your logo and visual artwork?

Dematiq: I played piano from when i was eight years old. But never got lessons. I recorded some melody’s on my keyboard, recorded it, and played over that again. After a few years my mother gave software to make music called “Hip Hop 6”. I noticed that coming up with melody’s worked out really well for me! After that i kept upgrading and eventually ended at Logic Pro. A friend of mine came up with the stage name, we think its pretty unique and modern. I wanted something modern, but noticeable for my logo, so another friend of mine made this one for me, i immediately felt in love because it fits my name so well! I made some of my visual artwork myself like “Vondel” and my “Good kisser Remix” And all the others are profited by a good friend of mine, Merlijn Kitzmann.

ET: What can you tell us about the music scene of Amsterdam? What is it like living in Amsterdam?

D: Amsterdam is great. I live here for two years now and everything here is just great. The music scene is very strong in Amsterdam. Going out here is great because There are so many different kind of clubs to go to. Also, for an artist like me Amsterdam gives you alot of opportunities. There are so much people here who support you as beginning artist. Wich gives you a great start.

ET: Could you tell us about the five tracks you’ve released and made available on your Soundcloud page (‘Futurist’, ‘Vondel’, ‘Scars’, ‘Good Kisser’ (Usher Remix), ‘Normality’)?

D: Im very experimental when it comes to genre’s. I made a lot of dubstep at the beginning. but then started to make House music. “Scars” was a kind of come back for me, and after that i kind of got in a stream flow of producing music, i kept on producing and “Vondel” ( Based on Vondel-Parc in Amsterdam) was the first song i made in Amsterdam. After that i wanted to make a remix of ” Usher – Good Kisser ” and released that. Now, i released “Futurist” which is really different from the rest that i made. Im really happy with the results and the reactions it got.


ET: If you could collaborate with any two artists from the United States, who would you choose? If you could collaborate with any three artists from the Netherlands, who would you choose? Why?

D: I admire Disclosure’s and work alot and would love to colaborate with them. but Deadmau5 really inspired me to make music from the beginning, it would be my biggest dream to make something with him. From holland, i would like to work with “San Holo” Because of his unique melody’s and sounds. And “Froxic” also a beginning producer (way further than me tough) who will be in the charts soon!

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Dematiq? Do you have any upcoming performance dates or plans to release new material in the near future?

D: In the remaining months of 2014 i will be really buisy with gigs. and there will 2 releases this year i’m really looking out for. Right now i’ just focusing on making quality tracks, followers, plays, etc are not that big of a deal for me yet.

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