Dion is an artist with a driven, passionate and charismatic approach, bridging the gaps between the warmth and feel of performers the likes of Marvin Gaye, Prince and Otis Redding with the modern appeal of artists such as Usher and R.Kelly. Although his music is deeply rooted in soul, funk and RnB, Dion immediately strikes for an eclectic and personal approach, featuring elements as diverse as pop, rock and electronica within his own tracks. Being such an eclectic artist is the natural consequence of being extremely passionate: Dion takes music seriously since college, when he spent time refining his skills and talent. We asked Dion about his upcoming EP release on March 30th, and his plans for the future below!

­­Entertwine: Tell us a little bit about your start in music, and what you’re all about!

Dion: Honestly, I was not into music at an early age. People told me that I could sing, but I had no interest. Long story short, I was in a ”glee singing” club  my senior year in high school and my teaching heard me singing and consider me to go to school for music. Ever since that day music has become my companion.

I am not the most talented musician, but my work ethic and focus succeeds many. Performing and recording brings the best out of me.

ET: How do you feel that you branch out from the rest of R&B artists in the scene, and why?

Dion: First of all, I write all my songs. Many RnB singers of today are not writers of their own music. Secondly, my music is infused with many other styles, but it fits to the root of my genre which is RnB. Also, I was classically trained. In music you can have the talent, but I feel you must have skills. I learned to read music, ear training, conducting, choral music, opera, singing in different languages, and understanding that I could benefit from this.

ET: Who are some of your influences when writing (and performing), and why?

Dion: This is difficult question for me, because I started late in music. I was singing opera/musicals when I was 18, so mostly the artist I listened to were opera singers. I would say the first artist that influences me was D’Angelo. The way he created his music and how it was different. He was also a writer of his own music. I didn’t take his writing style, but I learned how to create a song structure.

ET: Tell us about your upcoming EP release, “Artist.” How does this work characterize you as an artist? What was the most challenging aspect about putting together the album? What is your favorite song, or song that means most to you off of the EP?

Dion: First of all, ‘’Artist’’ will be released the 30th of March, 2014 on I really believe this EP has set me on the right path in what I can share to others. It took me a while to discover my sound and I know this EP is the sound that I’ve been looking for. This EP shows that not only can I bring skills and talent, but I can bring humility and vulnerability. The most challenging for me was to work with other people. Everything I have done to this point was by me. Some days it was hard for others to understand what was in my head, but I was focused and the project for me was a success. My favorite song off my EP is ‘’Special to me,’’ because it is the center of what is happening in my life now.


ET: What are your plans for 2014? Tours, releases, etc?

Performing, Performing, and Performing. An artist needs money and exposure to get their name out there. I feel now that I have the music, performing is the only way I will get exposure. All of my concerts and tours will be placed on Song Kick.



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