DJ Jay has been around music since he was a young child, and began mixing music when he was just 12 years old. DJ Jay (Julian) has grown into one of the hottest EDM/Dance music DJ’s in his area – He brings an eclectic style with his own beats, effects, loops etcetera making any of his EDM listeners wanting more. This Dutch DJ works hard, plays hard & has just released a hot new mix exclusively on his website for his listeners to hear. We asked him a few questions about his start in EDM and what his next moves are for the rest of 2014!

Entertwine: When did your interest in music start? What is your musical background like?

DJ Jay: When I was a kid, I played the guitar, mixed music when I was 12 and when†I grew up,†I was working in the biggest disco of Holland named Time-Out.†My passion for house music (later on EDM/Dance) was born.

ET: When did you first hear EDM? When did you realize it was the genre you liked most and that you wanted to pursue?

DJJ: When I was working in the disotheque, I had access to all the new music. I loved house music. I listened whenever I could and still can not get enough of it!

ET: Who are some of your largest influences when it comes to EDM? Why?

DJJ: The right music can be emotional. When the emotion rocks with a beat, I get inspired. So different music, especially†when it is new and†from an upcomming talent is something that has a big influence. I can not hear it enough†and I†also play†(parts of) it in my sets.†Not too long ago, an EDM producer/dj inspired me and I learned a lot of him. Maybe you will hear from him at the end of 2014 or 2015 because we are planning to produce an album!

ET: If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?

DJJ: Emotional, whipping, strong (beat).

ET: Tell us about one of your live performances. What was most memorable about it, and why?

DJJ: This was in a big company where the doors were open. Those doors were so big that two trucks could enter the building. There was also a crowd outside. Everyone was dancing around me and it was great to see! It was nice not to be on a stage but in the center of the crowd. I love the contact with all the happy people who were enjoying themselves.

ET: What was the inspiration for your latest mix?

DJJ: Mostly I mix live. Sometimes I create my own beats or put extra beats in a number that hasn’t got a strong beat.

The latest mix was the one for on my website. I had to do a beginning and an end so I took a two nice songs for the mix. These songs and the other ones in the middle were selected and mixed†on the fly. Check it out:

ET: What do you hope your listeners get out of your mixes?

DJJ: I hope everyone can enjoy themselves and hears my (extra) beats in the songs so that everyone can dance to it. I hope everyone can relate to the “little” DJ who tries to make it. We are investing a lot of money in advertising and hope to get into the DJMag Top100. When†I do,†I can help more and more other DJ’s to get bigger gigs and help new talent. I hope you can hear†these good intentions in the music: emotional with a nice trance melody and a strong beat.

ET: Which one of your mixes are your favorite? Why is it so special to you?

DJJ: Every new mix is my new favorite… on†my website will be an agenda soon†so if you come to one of my gigs you can hear it yourself!

ET: If you could perform anywhere in the world and with anyone in the EDM scene, who would it be? Why?

DJJ: Hardwell back to back at Tomorrowland! The number 1 DJ at one of the biggest events!

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

DJJ: With all the promotion and the small companies that are helping me, I hope to join the DJMag Top100 so that I get bigger gigs too. Biggest one upcoming is for 3FM Serious Request.

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