Considered as the most booked Deejay of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Dj Koogee is the man to see performed if you have the chance to be or going over there, with more than 200 gigs in the past few years and also some co-performances with names such as Hi-Def, Rasco (Cali agents) Xzibit and many more…we about to know a little bit more about the busy man himself.

Entertwine: Can you tell us about your musical background? What inspired you to pursue a career as a DJ and turntablist in the first place? 

My older brother is the one who got me in to music, he use to listen to Urban music since day 1, buying records, playing all day 🙂 ; About my biggest inspiration the first name that come into my mind it’s DJ Craze, changing regular records to his own style, so i started my own style, and i fall in love with the idea 🙂

You’ve reached 200 shows in just few years. What does a performance by DJ Koogee looks and sounds like? Could you tell us about some of the more exciting or interesting event you performed at? 

My performance is always unique, i don’t play pre-sets, usually it depends on the age of the crowd and the event, I’m an open format DJ, that means i mix all the genres to one set, so it has a flavor and sets everyone in the room. Once i was playing in my resident Club & Xzibit came to the DJ booth, grabbed the mic, hyped the place, while i was doing some freestyle tricks, & everyone in the club went crazy.

What is the life like in the Czech Republic? What is the music scene of Prague like?

It’s not that easy  to speak about it. CZ is very small when it comes to Urban music, i usually play in places where the event is black music

Could you tell us about the four mixes you’ve uploaded to Soundcloud (‘Grooveton #1’, ‘Swerve Selektah’, etc)? Are you currently working on new music that will be released digitally?

All the mixes are about good vibes, they were recorded Live, I always try give you an idea what kind of music I play.  I’m also working on Swerve Selektah Vol.2, where you will find a lot of remake tracks to Moombahton. So get your ears ready.

Apart from performing at your residencies, what does 2015 hold in store for DJ Koogee?

  2015 will be very interesting, I’m planing a summer tour starting in Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Spain, UAE.

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[Interview organised by Alexi Armandsen & Armandsen Entertainment]

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