Amsterdam based DnC Groove launched his career in 2006 when featured on legendary New York record label West End Records with his first collectionable vinyl record 12’x 2. In the same time, he was busy with a massive release around the world. Mediterranean Vibes BESO feat JoJey together with Dj Kons released and remixed from well know global dance artist Ian Carey with his record label followed with a solid support remix from the artist from Soulfouric of Defected Records ‘’ Hardsouls’’. The musical career of DnC Groove (Daniele) has been growing very fast in the last few years. Ever since his first release when he was only 24 , he has undergone an evolution towards a new vision of underground music. We had the opportunity to interview DNC Groove and get to know him a bit better.

Entertwine: When did you get your start in DJing? Was it always something you really knew you loved and wanted to do?

DNC: I started DJing way back in 1998. I had my first contact with turntables/vinyl just few year later, and I had my first full dj set with 2 pioneer cdj 100’s. I had my father jazz songwriter and keyboard player, so never I was in my chilhood with out piano of sinthesizers at home, usually I follow my father on his studio and that way from little boy that passion for music. Since early I have always spend loads of time learning play piano. I didnt know even that exist the dj world untill my first record was release around the world and from that time the escalation and turning up on djing, radioshow’s, festivals around the world.

Djing all over the planet with the coolest dj’s in the world like Rager Sanchez, Carl Cox, Todd Terry, Marco Carola, Marco V just to name some.

On there are my best dj set on-line if you like to have a listen or you can keep one eye on my official website

ET: Where does the name, “DNC Groove” come from? What does it mean?

DNC: Is very easy and intuitive artist name, used just to keep underground my music, djing and producing is not kind of lifestyle that you use do just for get attention, but make music and djing must be a truly deep and pure passion in order to be able to be a dj of a music producer, is like thoose people would like to drive a car with no drive licence…the same is for music, if you want to be a musician first of all you need to learn how to play music, then you can be a producer.

Aniway my artist name measn DNC stay for my name and my surname and GROOVE is use to pump a bit the artist name on a musical way. Thats why I’m now DNC GROOVE.

ET: If you could describe your sound in a few words, what would those words be?

DNC: Energetic, uplifting & refreshing  sound !! A mix from electro/progressive/technoHouse music influences

ET: What are you currently working on, and how do you plan to keep your music career going at its peak?

DNC: My upcoming CD to be release late in 2014, gaining moore audience all over the world with my record label Co2 Recordings and sub-labels like PERFECT RECORDS and FR3AK3RZ REC.

Radioshow’s and podcast service on I-Tunes are already on-line, few releases that will be available on Beatport begin September 2014

ET: What is your main message you strive to get across to your listeners through music?

DNC: Spread my music around the world means teach people that music is our essence of life and that music keep people all together and that is a powerfull magic art that makes people happy at all the time also in the worst situation for each one of us, so my message will be alway be NO MUSIC NO LIFE

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

DNC: Keep stay working and focus on my artist music productions and djing around the world, grow more internationally with my record labels Co2 Recordings,Perfect Records and Fr3ak3rz Rec.

Make my radioshow and podcast a more popular radioshow activity on-line able to interact with fans all over the world thrue social media like Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and Soundcloud, for more info please follow

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