Canada’s rising hip hop star D’NME is catching the bullet train through the digital music world. His newest single, “Can’t Nobody Do It My Way,” materialized on high power urban music sites like StarforceHipHop.com, ThatCrack.com & Examiner.com. Over the last year alone D’NME has garnered over 4 million hits on YouTube with the help of his first hit single “The Stars”, and over 2.8 million hits on his own 9thlawENT channel respectively. D’NME’s rapid lyrical delivery, has created what is proving to be a well received offering from Canada’s “Next to Blow” Hip Hop star. 

ET: Where did your hip hop roots form? What kind of musical background do you have that led you to writing and performing hip hop music?

DNME: To be honest I don’t really have a major musical background but that’s why Hip Hop is such a unique genre, you don’t necessarily need a musical background to be involved in it. The only requirements you need to have is the desire to keep getting better and a high level of respect and integrity for the overall culture itself. I’ve always had a genuine love for all types of music but Hip Hop resonated with me more than any other genre because of the various attributes it takes to excel at it. Whether it’s coming up with improvised rhymes, having a smooth flow or utilizing multi-syllables, it all matters when you’re involved in Hip Hop as an emcee.

ET: Who are some of your best influences when it comes to writing and performing, why?

DNME: I have a lot of influences when it comes to my overall style. Rappers such as 2pac, Eminem, Big L, Jay-Z, Royce Da 5’9, and Sticky Fingaz are some of many that I have been influenced by. From a lyrical standpoint these rappers utilize a lot of wordplay and multi-syllable rhymes in their work. Studying them definitely helped my writing become more polished. In regards to the performance aspect, all of these rappers display a level of showmanship on stage which is an important quality that you need to have when performing.

ET: What is the main message you strive to get across to your listeners through your music?

DNME: Ultimately the message that I always try to get across in my music is “have no limits and never conform”. I’m the type of artist that doesn’t change for anyone or anything. I think the overall tone in my music conveys that message. The choices I make musically and how I come across lyrically enforces a rebellious nonconformist kind of attitude. Truthfully that’s just how I am in real life. My demeanour isn’t something that is manufactured. I don’t like to do what is considered “cool”, I like to do my own thing and be an individual. When people hear my music, I want them to be able to get inspired and not follow the crowd. Even if I’m not literally saying it in a lyric that’s what my music represents.

ET: What was it like to be featured on sites like starforcehiphop.com and examiner.com for your music? How did you go about getting so many hits on youtube?

DNME: Being placed on those sites was a great thing for me as an artist because it helped build more awareness for the music I’ve released and it also allowed me to gain new fans in the process. There’s really no secret as to how I generated so many views on youtube other than hard work and having a great team that was able to promote my videos to as many people as possible. I’ve really been building my career from the ground up so at this point numerous views online is just the result of hard work, persistence and effective marketing.

ET: Tell us about your newest single, “Can’t Nobody Do It My Way.” How is this track different from your past work, and what is this song about?

DNME: It’s an aggressive sounding song but at the same time it maintains a certain level of top 40 appeal. I wanted to showcase my talent as a lyricist while still making it strong enough for casual fans. I think it’s different from my other songs because it has aggressive rapping and a commercial feel whereas I usually have one or the other. So this one is more like the best of both worlds. “Can’t Nobody Do It My Way” is about me reinforcing that I’m the best rapper. This isn’t something that’s foreign in the world of Hip Hop. Every rapper feels like he or she is the best or they wouldn’t be rapping, so I wanted to make a song to let people know how I felt about my position in Hip Hop.

ET: What is next for D’NME in 2014?

DNME: I just had a show in Philadelphia at the Voltage Lounge so I’ll definitely be doing more shows this year. Aside from that I’ve been working on my next single, I don’t feel like I have to rush anything because I’m in control of how I put out my music. Overall I’m completely focused on expanding my brand and remaining consistent with the quality of my music. At the end of the day you don’t really have a career in the music business without the actual music being right so I’m always focusing on making the next song better than the last one because it’s a known fact that you’re only as good as your last record.

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