Don Papash, formerly “Dj Papash” ( Papash mean ” Give Five ” in Creol ), is a DJ/Producer, and Percussionist living in Germany. Don was born in Haiti, and eventually started his breakthrough in Europe in 1998. At this time, he was DJing Latin-music around Stuttgart (Germany) in a few Latin clubs, which 3 years later led him to meet other DJs. He started mixing Old-School-House, Latin & Tribal-House across Germany, and continues to spread his love for DJing around the globe. Enjoy our interview with Don below.

Entertwine: You began DJ’ing in Germany in 1998 and have been playing and writing music ever since; is that correct? What is the significance of your moniker?

Writing music was a bit earlier 1987/1988, was just for fun with my street-conga !My moniker “Papash” mean (Give me Five) in Haitian Creol

What was it like growing up in Haiti? What inspired your move to Germany? What is life in Germany like?

Very hard and nice experience ! It was like very amazing…with all the Political problems ! Due to the Economical problem in Haiti…where no way for Development, so I’ve got to move to Germany. Life in Germany is not easy like somewhere else…but I have much more opportunity  in order to mature further and develop well.

What does a day in the life of Don Papash look and sound like?

Very simple ! Work, Household, Music Studio Time and later Djing in a Club ! and that, always with a beat in my head ! LOL

Are there any artists in Germany that you dream of collaborating with? What about in the United States?

Yes, of course ! “Sash”, “Milk & Sugar” and “Paul Kalkbrenner” ! In the USA…”Paul Leighton Johnson”, “Heather Bright”

What does 2015 hold in store for Don Papash? Is there any new music that you’ll be releasing this year?

A new progressive-House  “Stop Terrorize”  Out Now !!!  And two other tracks will be release  soon  this year !

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