Don Staten is Next-Generation WU artist and cousin of legendary Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Growing up with a former Brooklyn Zu artist for a father Don has heard endless story’s of being on the road with Wu-Tang (Many stories featured people you may know such as Buddha Monk ,Ol Dirty Bastard, Grand Finale(G4), Method Man, etc.. Don is currently working on his dream of bringing real music/poetry back to New York City and becoming the next generation to the Multi-Platinum Supergroup known as Wu-Tang Clan. Don took some time to answer a few questions for us right here at ET – we talked music, family, and future projects. Read on to learn more about Don Staten, and make sure to keep up with his social media links below so you don’t miss a beat!

Don, Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer a few questions with us! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with music in the first place? What attracted you to hip hop/rap?

No problem no problem. Thanks for having me and to answer your question i really was always attracted to music ,me and my brother (EZ) used to have the neihboorhood studio (“HOOD”) and before i really started rapping i used to be just the engineer and out of all the people that came to record …My brother definitely attraced me to hip-hop…you know he had such a story ,a piece of his life in every verse he wrote , it was like a essay with  ..alot  didnt see it but EZ was so lyrical at the time . SO lyrical .

What was it like growing up with a former Brooklyn Zu artist as a father? Would you say his influence really made a mark on your musical career? What would you say is the best life lesson he has given you?

Haha …uhm i would have to say the 1st lesson that comes to mind is “You come into this world alone ,and you will die alone” basically saying nobody’s going to pamper you , whatever YOU want you have to go out and get it yourself ,and yes he definitely influenced me a whole lot , a million stories not just about crazy fights, and about Ol’ Dirty Bastard but also about life and surviving in this world.

When it comes to writing or performing, who or what influences you the most?

When it comes to writing alot actually influences me know, Nas influences my writing , Daun Waun (Indianapolis Artist) influences me by motivation,  My uncle is definitely a sorce of influence behind my writing , i wouldnt be on the level i am today if it wasnt for him..But when it comes to performing got to go with Styles P. Styles P no matter where hes at.. he rocks out! not only that he speaks knowledge and thats definitely something i strive for when i perform. Styles P definitely Top 5 dead or alive.

Tell us about your latest release(s). Can you walk us through the track(s)? What was the writing and recording process like?

My last release was Awesome! it was a track called “Staten Vs Everybody” but it had to be taken down and got everybody mad at me pointing fingers ,First things first I didn’t want to take it down ,the song was an instant classic to me but according to Cerelli who featured on the song, it was innapropriate and disrespectful to detroit and Em, personally I doubt Eminem even heard it ,and if he did I know he would have respected it because the message the song was potraying wasn’t offensive, the message of the song was that Staten is here again and nobody’s stopping us ,but she thought otherwise. Which really hit me hard because its like Staten rappers we got to stick together , you never heard of Raekwon coming to Ghostface saying “Bro this song is offensive to Dr.Dre” NO! Honestly if it was up to me the song would stay up but legally those vocals don’t belong to me,  and I’m not going to jail over one song . Sorry.

What are your future plans for the rest of 2015 and beyond?

My future plans are simple…Stay Focused.. you know, if i let the wrong things influence me my music wont sound the same ,i have to remeber who i am ,where i came from ,what i been through and i cant let people who are afraid to Live ….get to me ..because all i can do is keep moving .

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