Dr. Sounds is a an ambient music artist, started career virtually in 2009, has Aspergers syndrom, which is major influence on the music, eg. repetitive and energic.  Dr. Sounds is making music in an evolutionary manner, music tracks are made as ‘species’ that inherits from each other, a ground melody formula of love, created in 2009 is base melody for the most of the songs made after 2010. We asked Dr. Sounds a few questions about his start with ambient music, his challenges with Aspergers, and what influences him to keep working hard at what he loves.

Entertwine: When did your interest in creating music begin?


ET: How would you describe the genre of music that you write?

Ambient, soothing music with blend of ecletic new age sound

ET: How has your experience with Aspergers Syndrome influenced your writing and producing?

A lot! Repetetive sound, but also helping my to concentrate.

ET: Do you find that this challenge drives you or holds you back?

It drives me!

ET: Your latest release was under a label out of Gothenburg, Sweden – What kind of impact has your music made on labels like this?

I think it’s a lot. It’s only the beginning, hard to estimate.

ET: If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?
Ambient, emotional, eclectic.

ET: What is the process like for you when you sit down to write a song or track?

I either create songs with FL-Studio or recordig live through the synth zynaddsubfx

ET: Tell us a little bit about the music video mashup you created, what was the idea behind this?

It was an idea to make more buzz about my music. I work as a developer and want to make an dynamic music video that allows you to see a visionary visualization which is formed by your Facebook-images.

ET: Besides this genre, are there any other areas of music you’d like to explore and branch out on?

Maybe EDM, but it’s hard to make right.

ET: Do you perform live? If so, what were one of your favorite appearances?

No, but I’d rather try, but I live in a small town where my style isn’t so popular.

ET: What do you look to do in the future with your music?

Getting more buzz on the internet, changing the definition of the ambient music, like a successor to Brian Eno.

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