Dreamkiller [2011 Independent Artist Music Awards ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR] is a melodic hard rock band that presents elements of soulful melodies, jazzy harmonies, catchy rock hooks and prides themselves on colorful lyrics that include positive themes of strength, perseverance, conquering your fears head-on, as well as pushing with no limits to accomplish your goals. Dreamkiller is preparing to embark on a 3 month National Tour which is beginning Feb. 10th at Rockhouse Live in Memphis, TN. The tour is sponsored by Rock Rage Radio, Coldcock Whiskey and Dirt Nap Straps.

Entertwine: What led you to write and record ‘Sleepless Dreams’ and start this project in the first place? What is the significance of your name?

Christy started the band back in 2004 and originally named it “The Arrival”.  After a bit of touring and releasing an EP, she decided to change the sound to gear it more vocally and theatrically influenced, and introduce it as a concept band.  May 2006, Dreamkiller was born.  The Dreamkiller is the antagonist in the story and represents everyone and everything in life that acts as an obstacle to achieving your dreams.  In 2008, she began working with producer/guitarist Tian Garcia, with whom she created and recorded “Sleepless Dreams”.  Also influenced by concept albums like Pink Floyd – The Wall, The Who’s Tommy, Queen’s We Will Rock You and musicals like RENT, Little Shop of Horrors, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar and Aida, he shared her vision of combining rock music with the idea of rock musicals to create and entirely unique project.

How did you meet all the members of your band? Has the band evolved over time? 

One key element to forming a successful band is finding members that all have the same end goals, dedication and determination.  After many member changes throughout the years, this lineup came together in 2014 like the big bang!  It was magical how we were drawn into each other’s lives at such an opportune time.  It wasn’t long before we took our first mini tour together [through NC, TN, MO, IL, and WI], which instantly led to becoming a full time National touring band.  This project has existed for 10 years but it is only the beginning of our journey.

What inspired the writing and recording of your latest single ‘Absolution’?

Absolution is about ridding your life of negativity in order to better yourself.  It is beneficial to occasionally take a step back and analyze your happiness and growth as a person and in your career.  Sometimes you may find that there are people or circumstances that need to be removed or altered to steer yourself on a path to betterment.  We recorded it at 502 Records in Greensboro and then had it mixed by Grammy award winning producer, Toby Wright.  When we were offered the opportunity to work with him, it was a no-brainer to take it.  The track sounds fantastic!  He also mixed our single “Love vs. Dreams”, which we just released on Valentine’s Day 2015 and was coupled with the release of a brand new music video for the track.  Additionally, it has been accepted for inclusion on the soundtrack for “Night of The Living Dead: Genesis”, which stars Dreamkiller vocalist, Christy Johnson as Judy Hartley.

Could you tell us about some of the most exciting and interesting live performances you’ve been a part of to date? 

We have been fortunate in our opportunities so far and it’s only up from here.  We have shared the stage with Lacuna Coil, Mushroomhead, Zach Myers of Shinedown, In This Moment, Saliva and many more.  Our most notable shows include the 2009 Vans Warped Tour, 2013 Rockapalooza (Main Stage), 2014 Megaton (Main Stage), 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards, 2014 Monster Jam [As Big As It Gets], 10th Annual Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase and as the headliner of the 2011 Rock The Block.

You’re just about to embark on a national tour; tell us more about that. What else does 2015 hold in store for Dreamkiller?

We are officially a full time touring band and it feels PHENOMENAL!  This is a dream come true for all of us.  We have all worked so hard at honing our craft and making connections and it’s great that things are finally coming to fruition.  We are going to use 2015 to take over the Nation, and work towards spreading our distinctive music and positive message throughout the world!  We are also in the early stages of writing our next concept album so be on the look out for teasers.  

Connect With Dreamkiller:
http://www.reverbnation.com/Dreamkiller [Mailing List]
http://www.bandsintown.com/Dreamkiller [Track Us]

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