Drive Thru Society is a versatile rock group mix with various dynamic sounds and styles. Based out of Denton, Texas this five piece, girl fronted rock group truly knows how to bring a crowd to their feet with catchy melodies and amazing riffs. The soul purpose of Drive Thru Society is to spread the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Visually, audibly, and lyrically this band will truly bring a show to life.  With their debut EP “Shadows within” dropping the second week of December 2014 – big things are expected to come from Drive Thru Society and we got the inside scoop right here on Entertwine.

Well, congrats on the upcoming release, what can you tell us about this new EP coming out December?

Well, first and foremost, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. The EP coming out in December is titled “Shadows within”, it will have four tracks on it. Three of the tracks are with the full band, one of the tracks is an acoustic song called “Reign in me”. We are very excited to finally be able to release this EP. It has been such a long and exciting journey. 10805829_864439100257228_4562745679593188379_n

How long have you all been a band? What inspired the start of DTS?

Drive Thru Society started seven years ago with the lead singer Meg and the lead Guitar player Greg. After many changes and trials the current line up finally came together within the last year, we have been going strong since then. I think what inspired the band back then and the band now is twofold. One side being our deep love and dedication to music. The other side being the fact that as a band our mission is to spread the love of Jesus Christ to people and music lovers as far as we can. While giving them music to rock out to.

What is there story behind your moniker, “Drive Thru Society”? Is there any meaning behind the band name?

The meaning behind Drive Thru Society is that our world is so focused of getting it now, getting it fast, and going to drive thru locations instead of going in, that we have forgotten how to spend time with people, love people, and hold a face to face conversation with people.

What was the recording process like for the EP? In between recording sessions, how do you all spend your time?

Well the recording process was one of being patient for sure! We spent about eight months in total recording, mixing, and mastering this project. A lot of heart and love went into our debut EP. When we weren’t at the studio we are spending our time playing shows, or sitting in the back room at our church writing and practicing music. As a band during the times when we weren’t recording we were bonding, laughing, and typically making jokes and messing around.

What wold you say is the meaning behind this EP? If we dug deep within the release, what would we find?

If someone was to truly sit down and dig deep into our music and EP they would find a story and a piece of each of us. Every song we are getting to ready to release is a story or situation from our lives, and how God has stepped in and helped.

What does 2015 look like for you all? 

2015 is a year of hope and excitement for Drive Thru Society! With the hope of also recording and releasing a follow up EP to “Shadows within” in the upcoming months. With the EP release, new merch, and new surprises at shows. We are hopeful that we will finally be able to branch outside of Texas and find our way onto other cities, states, and music scenes. We want to branch out as far as God will allows us.

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