Earl Ray Da Ogre from Dallas, (Oak Cliff) Texas born and raised -Earl Ray Da Ogre has always loved music. When he was a mere 4 years old his mother had purchased a recorder for him in which he would go through the house singing and having fun with music. Earl Ray Da Ogre’s hip hop career unknowingly started when he would walk to school in junior high school rapping as his crew would bebop, and turns out…the neighborhood loved it! Earl Ray Da Ogre has a unique style to his music. He can ‘spit’ some rhymes and conscious rhyme as well, as a “sick and twisted flow.” The Native Texan has a style and personality as BIG as the state he’s from, and we got the full scoop right here on Entertwine – enjoy the interview with Earl Ray below!

Entertwine: What does a day in the life of Earl Ray Da Ogre look and sound like?

A day in the life for me starts out with music I am always trying to come up with concepts for new projects. I believe you got to give it your all in every aspect to become successful and I feel I have grasped that in full.
What does your writing and recording process look and sound like? It’s a lot of fun, first off I listen to the beat trying to get a feel and once that is accomplished I’m like a mad man coming up with rhymes. I have written an entire EP 6 songs 2 verses each and hooks in less than a day.

What was it like growing up in Dallas, Texas? What is the music scene of Dallas like?

It was good Growing up in Dallas has its ups and downs but it also taught me how to be tough and never show fear or back down. The underground or independent scene is off the chain would be so much better if our local radio stations would play our songs a lot more than just the mainstream sound.

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your new EP “The Manster”?

Well I met Dj Drop The Mic on Sound Cloud and did 3 songs for his project Music With Out Borders people loved it so he wanted to do a project so being a Dallas Cowboy fan the name was only right. The inspiration came from all that is going on in the world to date I felt we needed a true hip hop project shinning light on this world.

Could you tell us about each of the nine featured tracks?

Mad Scientist Intro was the intro I wanted it to feel like a horror movie comedy almost Frankenstein ish. The Passasge was inspired by the wrong doings of this world people dying and being mistreated its no time for that. Make It is a tracc that shows you don’t have to be rich to have fun enjoy yourself and live a wonderful life. Express Hit is a song showing love to my beautiful women making sure you got a man in your life who honors and love you. Wacc Rap Skit I have performed in a lot of venues big and small and some people don’t need to be on the mic that inspired this skit. Counterfeit featuring my cousin Crim Cayne was a fun song to do also have a video on you tube, this song shows that the south is more than gang banging and trap music. Conspiracy featuring Don Claude breaks down how talent is no longer the focal point for the major labels but gimmiccs and what they consider hot is. Tears of the Night featuring Elle Hobbs is a song of high energy showing no matter what we go through we should always have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Mad Scientist Outro sets a warning to the world of a return of the Manster to continue to cleanse the world of bad music.

You worked with DJ Drop The Mic on the majority of the tracks, correct? How does your new EP expand on or differ from “True Rayligion” (your other most recent release)?

Yes all but one Tears of The Night was produced by K Anthony!  True Rayligion is more Trap sounding(beats wise) its more up tempo than The Manster EP.

Could you tell us about each of the tracks featured on this project as well?

Look N 2 My Eyes featuring Elle Hobbs I ponder the question am I a monster or am I a beast. Beast Incarnate is a song inspired by Brocc Lesnar on being a unstoppable force in the ring. When I’m Alone shows a darker side as I plot on a victim. Survival Is Key is a song about giving it your all every day no matter how hard it gets always give it your best. Ride Out a song for the car enthusiast a feel good song about you and your crew riding the strip just chilling.

Watch Yo Self featuring Bigg Jam is a song about chilling with your crew and hatas trying to mess over you. Around The Way featuring pharaoh the Don and Elle Hobbs showing many styles of rhyme from West Dallas and Oak Cliff. Damn Shawty featuring Don Claude is a strip club themed song to make the ladies get up and shake that money maker. I stay Turnt Up is a song about my drinking habits, I don’t drink every day but when I do drink I kill bottles. Hulk Smash a high energy song showing lyricism as well as carnage(video on you tube). Off 2 The Zoo featuring Don Claude produced by 2 Four Seven another high energy tracc showing lyrical skills on the mic. Keep Your Head Up is my version to 2Pacs song its about making through all the bad things in life scratched up but not broken.

What does 2015 hold in store for Earl Ray Da Ogre? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

I’m supposed to be on a small tour at the end of the year with Demonte Music did a song for his new project TNT 2 which will be in stores and maybe a few performances around the summer when I set something up I will let you all know.


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