When we started this interview, all we knew was that egomunk is a talented artist, an artist who has uniquely decided to release all of his music for free, forever. In times where the music industry is dominated with record label restrictions and celebrity, egomunk has decided to keep his identity a secret, letting his album be enjoyed for the music not the face behind it. The debut album ‘Footsteps to Mars’ has been described as a ‘anonymous musical masterpiece.’ Enjoy our interview with this mysterious musician below!

ET: When did your interest in music begin? What is musical background like?

Egomunk: If I had to I would describe myself as a self taught musician who has listened to and played music for years. My main interests have been in artists who write real music with true lyrics. Anything you can immerse yourself in.

ET: If you had to describe your music in 3 words, what would they be?

E: Creative, haunting, mysterious

ET: Why do you choose to keep your identity secret? What do you plan on doing when you play live shows and have to show your identity?

E: I wanted to release an album completely anonymously to let the music be heard for what it is, not for who is behind it. In terms of playing live shows in the future, we will have to cross bridge when we come to it.

ET: What do you feel you bring to the table that is different from other artists in your genre?

E: My album is written as a whole, unlike other albums from similar artists. The music is designed to take you on a journey from start to end and open to interpretation from each individual. I’m not releasing any songs as a ‘single’ and will not let my music be dictated by an industry machine. As a result of this it is hard to pinpoint a genre which I am very proud of.

ET: What kind of message do you think you’ll get across to listeners by “selling” your music for free? What is your goal for this type of movement?

E: My main goal behind all of this is for my album to be heard and appreciated by as many people as possible. By not charging it does not limit the amount of people who will download what may be considered as not mainstream music. Another core message behind the whole project is to encourage creative freedom which I think is lost these days. There is section on called Ego View which was spawned from this ideal.The Ego View platform encourages audiences to submit their own creative video to any of the tracks on my album. One will win a cash prize which can be invested on further creativity and may be used as an official egomunk video.

ET: Tell us about your debut album, “Footsteps to Mars”? Whats the message behind this work?

E: The album ‘Footsteps to Mars’ was written with absolutely no formula. I don’t believe in machines dictating the order in which we consume music and with this in mind we tried to be creatively courageous with the lyrics and not enslaved by structure. Whatever felt natural and right was recorded. It’s so important for me that this album was released away from any boundaries and conventional thinking or rules. It’s filled with profound and truthful lyrics accompanied by beautiful melodies. I couldn’t really disclose one message behind the whole album, it’s for each listener to interpret as they feel.

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

E: We are currently making a third official video which is for the track ‘The Patient,’ the first official video has been released and has had a massive response with over 150,000 views in the first week of launch. I hope to continue putting music and creative videos out and keep 2014 on a high.

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Footsteps to Mars is available for full free download on

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