When someone thinks of New York hip hop they tend to usually think of the grittiness of Brookyln or the Bronx – 0r perhaps the few legends from Queens like Nas and 50 Cent. However, for local Long Island native, Elijah McGillicuddy he is here to give his city of Long Island a face for the hip hop scene. This artist has a unique approach with lyrics and sound when it comes to his tracks, and it won’t disappoint. Check out our interview with Elijah below!

Entertwine: What got you into rap/hip hop? 

Elijah McGillicudy: My partner Billy Palm Trees was actually the one to get me into writing music I always wanted to produce and own my own label but he was the one who really encouraged me to rap. I’ve been a life long hip hop fan though since a baby.

ET: How had your hometown of Long Island ny influenced your rap game? How is it unique when compared to the grittiness of style from the Bronx or Brooklyn?

EM: Long Island doesn’t really have an identity per say when it comes to hip hop. It’s really just like a melting pot of all the boroughs so you can see influences from all parts of NY in most of Long Island artists music.

ET: Who are some of your influences when tj comes to writing? Performing?

EM: Writing wise B.I.G is a big influence he paid a lot of attention to detail in his music and I try to do the same. Also kanye west and nas influenced my writing style a lot. Performing wise I don’t really feel I take after anyone it’s hard to copy someone else’s stage presence I just be myself and try to have as much fun as possible while performing.

ET: Which one of your tracks is your favorite, and why?

EM: My favorite track so far is probably Negro Spirituals featuring billy palm trees that’s just a dope ass song all around lyrically, beat wise, delivery, flow. It all just came together perfect I can’t wait for people to hear that one.

ET: What so you have planned for 2014? New albums? Festivals?

EM: For 2014 I’ll be releasing 2 ep’s the first one coming in may and also a group project with my Weird Szcience group sometime this fall. You can also catch me at sxsw I’m performing there for the first time I’m excited about that. And more shows will be announced shortly. Follow me @mulamcgillicuddy on Instagram for any and all updates.

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