ELO is a breath of fresh air in today’s stale music industry. Not held back by any genre, defying all rules and delivering music straight from the heart. 23-year old Kristoffer Szczerbicki from Åmål, Sweden, writes and records all his music in his own bedroom. With the two singles ‘Glisten’ and ‘Fire’ out, the world is almost ready for the release of the debut-EP.

Entertwine: When did you first begin writing music? Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in the music industry? What is the significance of your stage name?

I think I was around 17. I knew 3 chords on the guitar and I couldn’t sing but I started high school with music as my main subject. Got some recording equipment and just started writing. I always wanted to be a singer but I’d say Joakim Jensen (who also mixed & mastered my latest songs) was a huge inspiration, I was a big fan of his music and he helped me with a lot of technical stuff and general advice. Another person who inspired me was Ebbe Eriksson , but more in a way of being someone I looked up to as a human being and he was probably a big part of me finding myself and finding the courage to be somewhat proud of it. Most of this was indirect though and I’m not even sure he knows, haha. (H has an awesome band called Pharoes btw.) Other than that I’d say that by just being different and having a pretty tough childhood inspired me. I didn’t/don’t have too much joy in life except music so I’ve always wanted to follow my dreams.

What was it like growing up in Amal, Sweden? What is the music scene of your hometown like?

Well, I lived in Åmål up to the age of 8 then I moved to a town called Säffle. Growing up in säffle was horrible, it really messed me up. But when I started High School I moved back to Åmål and things got way better. At the moment the music scene in Åmål is dead, and I mean DEAD. We had a few bands with HUGE potential a few years ago but they all died out. I think we have 1 promising band from here now, they’re called Mindstate Corrupted. A couple of really talented kids playing metal.

What can you tell us about the two singles you’ve released (‘Glisten’ and ‘Fire’)? You’ll be releasing your debut EP in the near future, right?

I wrote and recorded them both at home in my room. Glisten was more of a transition song to ease people Eyes Like Oceans since it’s kind of like a “chapter 2” of my previous band/solo-project called ‘On The Roof’. With Fire I went a bit more experimental, I was really really into Mew at the time so that’s a big inspiration for the song. But I also felt like forgetting the word genre exists and just did whatever I could think of.  Yeah, the EP should be done pretty soon. It’s in the recording process. I’ll be posting some studio updates and pics so keep up on Facebook, youtube etc. Oh, and probably some samples too. I think I’ve released more samples than songs. It’s kind of my thing, haha.

What does your writing and recording process look and sound like?

Really hard to say about writing process cause I don’t have one. I’ve written songs in so many different ways. It can start with a chord progression, a melody, a lyric, a smell, a movie. Anything basically, and what happens after I’ve started is even more varied. Recording for me is…. Chaotic, I’m all over the place and not really structured at all.

What does 2015 hold in store for Kristoffer Szczerbicki and Eyes Like Oceans? Do you have any upcoming performances?

2015 will be a big year for Eyes Like Oceans. I’m going to announce my new member soon. I’m super excited about that. We’ll also be posting a lot of covers on youtube, random videos, pictures and have cool merch and competitions. Aside from releasing the EP we will play shows as much as we can, probably mostly in Sweden though. Unless we get really lucky and get some great manager or something. We will be playing Pepp Fest in Stockholm with bands like Indevotion and Grumble Bee on March 14th. I suggest you check it out on Facebook and get some tickets!

Connect With ELO:
www.facebook.com/eyeslikeoceansmusic & www.twitter.com/xjamal

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